Window Box Message Center

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I forgot to take “before” pictures again. This window box message center was a window box message center in its previous life, too.


Window Box Message Center Makeover-


So, just what was the makeover? Well, it originally had a split personality- half cork board and half chalkboard. The finish was glossy white. It didn’t sell in my booth, so I brought it home for a little rehab.

I sanded down the shine, distressed by sanding more heavily in certain areas, and added a glaze to highlight the distressing. Clear spray finish protects the new look.

For the frame area, I stretched jute twine across the opening for clipping messages, pictures, recipes, etc. The box area is just the spot for storing notepads and pens.


Window Box Message Center-


I probably should have used chicken wire, but I just wasn’t in the mood for puncture wounds. How would you use this window box frame?




  1. It’s good to rework things in the booth some times, Sheila. Too bad it didn’t sell the way you had it originally. This is a cute idea. I could see this being used to hold jewelry, too.

  2. What a cute idea! I can’t believe it didn’t sell! I think it’s adorable! I love your aging technique. Have a wonderful holiday!

  3. so pretty, I think I would use it in the craft room, for pictures and a little storage area or it would be great for jewelry too

  4. Oh I love it Sheila! I have never seen one like this. Happy Memorial day weekend. XO

  5. Love that idea…I have a similar window box mirror in my attic…you are giving me some ideas!

  6. Oooo I like the twine (better than chicken wire here I think), it looks really great. For contrast you could always add ribbon, too! Pretty update.

  7. No, I like it how you designed it without the chicken wire. I could see myself using something like this so now maybe it will sell.

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