A Visit to Mark of the Potter on Soque River

Richard and I met up with our friends Jerry and Sherry a couple of weeks ago in Clarkesville, Georgia. One of the places we visited while there was the Mark of the Potter shop, located at the old Grandpa Watts Mill.


Grandpa Watts Mill- Mark of the Potter- Clarkesville GA- PlumDoodles.com


The mill harnessed its power from the Soque River.


Clarkesville GA Soque River- PlumDoodles.com


I didn’t take any pictures inside the pottery shop. The views on the balcony distracted me. If you have read my About Me page, you know this would be a perfect location for my dream home. Something about rivers and creeks and trees and mountains just says home to me.

The fish are well fed here. Put a quarter in the machine, toss the food in the water, and let the feeding frenzy begin.


Fish feeding frenzy at Mark of the Potter Clarkesville GA- PlumDoodles.com


But don’t even think about having a feeding frenzy of your own.


No fishing sign Soque River- PlumDoodles.com


Sherry and I hadn’t seen each other in over a year, so we had a great time catching up.


Sherry and Sheila at Mark of the Potter- PlumDoodles.com


Bits of the old mill machinery can still be seen in the bowels of the building. Wouldn’t you like some of this rusty goodness in your home?


Grandpa Watts Mill Clarkesville GA- PlumDoodles.com


It was a beautiful day for soaking up the sunshine and the scenery.


Soque River Clarkesville GA- PlumDoodles.com


There seem to be conflicting stories on how Soque is pronounced. Sok-wee, so-kwee, soak, or squee. How would you pronounce it?

Stay tuned as I share pictures from our visit to Tallulah Gorge State Park. We were fortunate to visit when Georgia Power released water from the dam. You won’t want to miss those.






  1. What beautiful photos!! Stunning, and I’m sure the pottery shop was equally gorgeous.

  2. What a wonderful trip this looks like. My dream home would be by a river or lake someday…

  3. Hey girlfriend! Love the pictures, glad you got away. and your new dooo is beautiful! Very attractive!

    re pronounciation..we have the same here, Spokane..long A, right ? Not! it is spokan…..short a. huh? and many others like that. take care.

  4. Shelia, this is gorgeous! I have never been there, so I loved seeing your pictures! I would have been distracted by the views too! Thanks for sharing!

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