How to Use an Area Rug to Choose Your Palette

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Kalaty Rug Corp for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

Just a few days ago, I spilled the beans about our upcoming move to South Carolina. Actually, Richard will be starting his new job in a couple of weeks, but we won’t be completely moving until our house sells here in the Atlanta area. Rather than cleaning, decluttering, and packing, I thought I would do a little daydreaming. Winking smile

I love hardwood floors, but also love the soft feel of an area rug underneath my feet. Kalaty Rugs has many beautiful styles and colors to choose from, and all are hand made; most are even hand knotted. Rugs are a great starting point for choosing a color palette for your room.followhas many beautiful styles and colors to choose from, and all are hand made; most are even hand knotted. Rugs are a great starting point for choosing a color palette for your room.

Don’t you love how the blue in the rug goes bold and elegant on the walls of this room?

 photo TH-380room_zpsb8d91d50.jpg

Notice how the painting and the wood tones of the furniture perfectly pick up the colors in this rug.

 photo MV_691_zps15c837cb.jpg

I have never shown you our office/ craft/ sewing room. It’s a disaster. I’m dreaming of a beautiful, organized space. I was excited to find that Kalaty Rugs has a custom color program– yep, you can choose a rug and the colors you want in the design! Do you know how hard it is to find an area rug with purple in it? Here is what I came up with, using some of my existing furniture pieces and decorative items. The desk isn’t mine, but very close to what I have.

Office Mood Board

1. Kalaty Custom Color Rug  2. Desk Chair with Stenciled Fabric  3. Trash Can Lampshade  4. Cloche  5. French Country Desk

Here is a quick little tutorial on using the custom color tool- it really is fun and easy.


The Kalaty family has been in the Oriental rug businesss since the early 1900’s, and started in the US in 1979. Four generations in the rug business exemplifies a commitment to service and quality. Keep up with the latest by following along:

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Do you choose an area rug first to set your palette for a room? Which rug at makes you want to throw out all your furniture and start over? 😀

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  1. A move…Scary and exciting! Hate the house selling thing, though…always.

    The rug is beautiful. You are definitely more neat and organized than I. I don’t think I could ever want a carpet or rug in my sewing/craft room… I need to be able to sweep things up, and maybe use the floor as a work surface. 😉

    • Hmm, that actually makes you way more neat and organized than I. I don’t worry about things getting lost in the carpet. And I need a little cushy-ness when kneeling on the work surface. 😀

  2. Love that purple rug you created for your office! It’s gorgeous!! 🙂

  3. Gorgeous rugs Sheila!…Love that purple and green one!!..Don’t work too hard Sheila!!!…

  4. Gorgeous rugs! That first room makes me want to paint my dining room/study walls blue just so I can have that rug! I love your mood board..the color palette and rug is so pretty.

    Congratulations on your husband’s new job and the move.

  5. I love rugs!i just bought a new one for the lounge 2 weeks ago and I LOVE it.

  6. Great post! I love their rugs! The Tahara series is one of my favorites. I think you should treat yourself to one with purple in it! I know the move is a challenge. Perhaps, a new rug would take the edge off of it!

  7. I like that Kalaty allows you to choose your own color design on the rug because I’ve seen many rugs that I love in the right colors with the wrong pattern, or the right pattern with the wrong colors. The mood board you put together is so pretty, it really caught my eye. Thanks for the info, Sheila, and good luck as you start to get packed up 😉

  8. Great tips & I love the rug you designed! xoxo

  9. Mmmm… Love that rug you designed! Can’t wait to see your office! Great post with some wonderful tips!!

  10. I love that rug with your existing desk! It looks like your office is really coming together! Thanks for the great tips!

  11. Sheila, you really must treat yourself to one of their custom colored purple rugs!!! It will make up for all that packing that you’re facing!

  12. OOOO, that rug with the purple in it is gorgeous! Great tips on picking a rug. laurie

  13. I’d rather daydream about beautiful rugs too, cleaning, decluttering, and packing = ewwww! 😉 Awesome tips and those rugs are just beautiful!

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