Unexpected Consequences of Camper Living

Hey, guys! How are ya? As  you can guess from the title, we are still in our teeny tiny camper. Some of you have been asking how we’re adjusting to life in the camper, so I thought I would pop in and give you a little update. I have discovered some unexpected consequences of camper living.


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Living in a camper is somewhat different from a short little getaway in the camper. One obvious difference? Stuff- ya gots to have more stuff when it’s a long term situation. Not just more clothing, which I didn’t plan for- oops! Paperwork will be the balding of me. I can’t tell you how many times I have had to dig out information from old files.

Speaking of files…. We have discovered how difficult it is to get a driver’s license and auto tags without a “real home.” We need a dozen or so forms of identification (slight exaggeration) and proof of residency. Utility bills are considered proof of new address, but guess what- no utility bills at the campsite. It’s all rolled into the rent. We don’t get a bill from the campground since we simply walk down the trail to the office. Sooo again, no bill with our new mailing address. Richard is able to prove his residency with a letter from his employer, but you guessed it… I don’t have an employer. I’m hoping I can use our auto insurance binder as proof.

We’ll also need birth certificates, marriage license, and social security cards- all packed away in a little fireproof box in storage. Somewhere.


Unexpected Consequences of Camper Living- lost in storage- PlumDoodles.com


Of course, waaay back in the back of one of our rented units. That’s Richard climbing over a mountain of stuff in search of buried treasure paper.


Unexpected Consequences of Camper Living- storage nightmares- PlumDoodles.com


Oh, and the key to the lockbox? In a nightstand drawer, waaay back in the back of another unit.


Unexpected Consequences of Camper Living- PlumDoodles.com


The most worrisome thing about living in a camper? Totally unexpected, we can’t get renter’s insurance. Since we aren’t in permanent housing such as an apartment, no insurance carrier will cover us. The only personal property insurance we have is the tiny bit we’re allowed to get at the storage units.

The actual camper living? Really not too bad. Space is always an issue, so I’ve had to get creative in finding storage solutions.Having the bath house nearby makes showers much nicer than trying to use the tiny little corner shower in the tiny little camper bathroom. Much better water pressure, too.

Honestly, when I feel a bit discouraged with our lack of success finding a new home, I am reminded of how blessed we truly are. We have a roof over our head. I love the sound of rain on the roof! We have freedom to take our time finding just the right home.

Best of all? No debt! I’ll talk more about that later and where I believe the Lord is leading us in that respect.

Unfortunately, there won’t be many projects posted for awhile yet, so please bear with me as we make this big life change. I pray your life will be blessed as I have been blessed. Love you all!






  1. Shelia,
    I came by for a visit as we chatted on FB. You have a great positive out look. Getting rid of all our Debt is in our plans too. We looked for a lake home for two years. We had fun searching driving and meeting new people. We have our home where we work, near family, and raised our children
    I feel like we are living a dream having a second home. I know we are beyond blessed. God will bless you on your new journey.
    Have a wonderful day,
    Karen Marie
    Dragonfly & LilyvPads

  2. Oh my gosh! I can only imagine how crazy that must be :). Kind of like moving – where you’re just trying to find that vaccination record for the kids that you know you safely filed away… good luck with the searches! Sounds like a fun adventure over all though :).

  3. I can only imagine! Good thing is there is light at the end of the tunnel for you! Hang in there guys! XO

  4. Do you know I never though about that kind of thing. I hope you find a new house and that everything is protected while you have little insurance. Debt free though, what a load off your mind!

  5. Bernice says:

    Aha! THERE you are!!!
    Was thinking maybe you just got in your camper and kept on going! I do appreciate knowing what you are experiencing. proof of address, inaccessible stuff in storage..etc. never thought of that. So here’s a project for you, writing a HOW TO for all of us. We are seriously considering doing something similar when hubs retires next winter. We just don’t know where we want to go yet. Seattle? Portland? Ensenada? So what do you do all day? I just don’t see you doing nothing, after tidying up that little space. And maybe the library has better internet? We went through internet withdrawal this weekend, at our bible convention. All we had was our wifi Ipads in our hotel , and it was not as satisfying as pounding out the emails on a regular computer! One thing we did learn at the convention, the remark, KEEP UP with the internet tools or GET RUN OVER!! Any pictures of your camping place? Have you set up a patio and plants etc? Please keep sharing!! Love you!♥

    • I’m at the library today, so hopefully I can catch up on my emails and such. What do I do all day? Mostly fight with our internet while house searching. 🙂 I really should get some plants or something to make the campsite “home” but I keep HOPING we won’t be there much longer. Ah, well ,who knows….

  6. One day you’ll have such a long laugh about all this!
    Hope you “laugh” really soon! ; D
    ps–no projects on improving the camper? C’mon…..

  7. I’m a new follower. God bless you in your pursuit!

  8. Sheila, it’s so good to see you pop up in my email again! I can only imagine what camper living is like! I guess you wash the same clothes a lot! I can relate to no space and needing something that’s in a storage unit. We did that years ago and it was a challenge! Sending prayers your way for the perfect house for both of you! Wishing you and Richard a very happy fourth!

    • Yeah, I was getting tired of the same old clothes, so I dug out a few more things while we were on the search for our paperwork. Great talking to you yesterday, Betsy. Miss you!

  9. So glad to see this post from you, Sheila! I was wondering how you were doing and thought maybe you didn’t have any internet. I’m sure this most be an experience, but just keep thinking “temporary”. Happy 4th!

    • Kathy, we have satellite internet, which is very intermittent (and maddening). That’s the biggest reason I haven’t posted anything in a while. This will be my fourth try getting this comment to go through.

  10. Cheryl Bull says:

    I greatly appreciate your positive attitude in difficult times! Moving is always difficult and after more than 20years in the Coast Guard my family experienced a wide range of challenges. Thank you for your honesty and your testimony of faith. Hang in there. My daughter and her family has just moved to South Carolina and the moving pains are still coming but she too knows God has good things for them!

    • Thank you for your sweet words of encouragement, Cheryl. My attitude isn’t always positive! We’ve had a few tense moments, but over it all, we know God is in control and we can trust Him to lead us where we need to be. And in the right timing. I have a sense of expectancy and excitement over what God is doing, even knowing that what He orchestrates isn’t necessarily what I might have in mind. 🙂

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