Tricks for Hanging Artwork Level {Tipsy Tuesday #17}

I recently bought a couple of framed metal pieces to hang over our little entry table. I needed something to replace the diy bulletin board that I sold at the October market. Yeah, I’m very quick with my decorating. Anyway, I thought I’d share with you a trick I use for hanging artwork level when it has two hooks.


Hanging artwork level |


Supplies you’ll need:

  • Masking tape
  • Pen or pencil
  • Level
  • Hammer and nails

Turn the frame over to the back side and place a piece of masking tape across the width, lining it up with the top edge of the frame. Trace the location of the hooks on the tape. Mine had triangular hangers, so I traced the point where the nail would need to be. This picture doesn’t show it, but I folded the ends of the tape even with the width of the frame.


How to hang a frame straight |


Determine where on the wall you want to place the frame. Lightly mark one corner onto the wall and set the frame aside. Remove the tape and place it on the wall, lining up the end with the corner mark.

Ok, there is some trial and error now. Use the level to adjust the top edge of the tape- hold one end of the tape in place and rotate the other end up or down until level. You want to make the top edge of the tape level, not the marks you made, since the hardware may not be at exactly the same height on the frame. Hammer nails into the marked points. (Ignore the holes above my tape- they’re from previous artwork.)


Hanging artwork |


Remove the tape and hang your artwork. The two frames I hung had their hooks placed in different positions on the back, so it was especially important to line up the tape with the top edge of the frame. This enabled me to line up the two pieces of tape on the wall and place the nails in the correct positions.


How to hang artwork level |


[Another trick I sometimes use for arranging and hanging smaller pieces of artwork is to trace the entire frame onto a piece of paper, again marking the hanging hardware. Tape to the wall and continue in the same manner as above. This is a great way to determine placement of multiple frames.]


Entry table vignette |


Do you have any tips for hanging artwork?






  1. I sometimes wonder how people got along before the internet or DIY bloggers. Thanks for the great hanging tips that will make a project much easier! 🙂

  2. Linda Hayes says:

    Sheila, thanks for another great tip.

    You have a gift for simplifying, problem-solving and explaining solutions to spatial challenges.

  3. Sheila, this is a great tip! Thanks! I’m hanging shelves now; I can’t wait to try this! 🙂

  4. this is a great idea Sheila.

    For a single frame I use a new paint stir stick with a screw partially screwed thru the stick near the bottom of the stick. Putting the screw near the bottom gives you plenty of room to hold the frame up to get the placement correct. The screw point is on the wall side & the head of the screw is on the side facing me. Hang your picture frame on the screw head, using the frame hanger, position on the wall where you want it & push slightly on the paint stick thru the frame. This will leave a small point on the wall where you put your hanger. Finished!

  5. That is brilliant Sheila,I’m going to try it on heavier pieces I use 3m stickers whenever possible to try and avoid having to mark them out properly – that may just be a little bit of laziness on my part ( I prefer to think of it as brilliance :P)

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