Topiary with Burlap Roses

I had burlap roses fever for awhile, but after this topiary with burlap roses, I’m cured. There must be 500 roses on this thing. At least that’s what my burned and bruised fingers are telling me.

Topiary with Burlap Roses |


I bought this topiary thinking I could simply rehab it with fresh greenery and Spanish moss. But I liked the way the roses on the tin vase looked so much that I decided to make a few more. Silly me.


Topiary Before |


First, I pulled off all the dusty, crumbling, sneeze-inducing stuff. Then I primed and painted the urn. To ensure that the styrofoam cone wouldn’t show, I covered it with scraps of drop cloth fabric.


Topiary base repainted |

For each rose, I started with strips of burlap approximately 20 inches long by 3 inches wide. Fold in half lengthwise and just start rolling and twisting. Hot glue to a scrap of fabric and pin onto the foam with florist greening pins. TIP: Work quickly to push the pins through the rose before the glue hardens, but beware of the HOT glue. Then use a straight edge screw driver to push the pins into the styrofoam.


Burlap Rose |


After the first couple of rows, I made the roses smaller by shortening the length of burlap by an inch or two for each successive row. I kept the width of the burlap at 3 inches.


Burlap Roses |


To cover the base, I folded a piece of burlap in half lengthwise and glued in place, pleating as I went around the circle. Then added a few small roses around the trunk.


Topiary with burlap roses- base detail |


I stuffed some scraps of burlap here and there between roses to fill in any gaps.


Topiary Burlap Roses |


3 yards of burlap and untold hours later, I was finished. Almost. The urn looked too white against the creamier color of the burlap, so I added my usual glaze and topped with clear spray. To cut down on burlap fuzz, I also lightly misted the clear varnish over the roses. Hmm, looks like I forgot to take pics after the glaze. Oh, well, just imagine the urn a little less white.


Topiary w Burlap Roses |


This topiary with burlap roses will be for sale at the December market coming up this weekend. Hours are Friday & Saturday, 10- 6 and Sunday, 11- 5, held at Woodstock Market, 5500 Bells Ferry Road, Acworth, GA. Stop in and say hi- I”d love to meet you!



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  1. Sheila, I told you this before but I LOVE THIS! I actually, linked to you in a post running Monday in addition to featuring you tomorrow – so you got a lot of OPC love! 🙂

    Thanks so much for linking up at last week’s Humble Brag. This week, The Better Half, along with a bunch of other awesome bloggers are hosting a link party to support the Sandy Hook area – $1 will be donated for every project linked up. Its up and running now. Hope to see you there!

    Last week’s features will be posted Friday morning along with the ad space winner.

  2. Thanks for linking up at Shabbilicious Friday Shelia. I love your burlap rose tree. I was crazy enough to make a large paper rose tree last year, so I feel your pain. At some point you realise you have made too many flowers not to complete the project, yet you still have so far to go – lol. It is always worth it in the end.
    I’m featuring you at today’s Shabbilicious Friday party.

  3. Such a cutie!! I love it!! Sharing at the party tonight- thanks for linking up at Feathered Nest Friday!

  4. This turned out so beautiful. I think in January I will try this…now I have to look for a topiary! Dianntha

  5. This is so pretty! What a makeover, I cannot imagine how many hours it took to make each one of those little roses, insane!

  6. That is so pretty Sheila! I have seen in also in burlap roses, but like this just as well if not better! 🙂

    You may have heard, but we are giving away a Silhouette Cameo and free ad space and would love for you to come link up and enter to win! Hope to see you there!

  7. It does look amazing! Time well spent in my opinion!

  8. Sheila,
    This is so pretty! I was laughing when you were describing the dusty, crumbling, sneeze inducing stuff! Ha! The funny thing is, I totally know what you are talking about. Yuck! You really turned something quite ordinary into a masterpiece. Love it!
    Have fun this weekend and take lots of pictures.. pretty please!

  9. Oh how adorable! Sheila, I love this topiary! The flowers are so pretty out of burlap, too.

  10. Sheila, I love this! All your time was worth it! It is gorgeous! I can only imagine the hours that went into this piece! It will sell quickly! Have a great show!

  11. BeaUtiful!

  12. Very pretty, Sheila! This would fit right in at my house. : )

  13. This is beautiful Sheila- another amazing piece.

  14. These burlap roses make great Christmas tree decorations. Moreover, it is easy to make…You did a great job here.

  15. Very pretty Sheila! I cant imagine how long this took you! What patience! I wonder how this would look in velvet? How about doing one in velvet and telling us! ha!

  16. Ohh very pretty, like everything you do. I long for a pretty house! I think I could do this 🙂

  17. Linda Hayes says:

    Another masterpiece!!!
    Nice work.

  18. Love it!

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