Shower Rod Storage {Tipsy Tuesday #5}

Sorry I missed our Tipsy Tuesday last week, no excuse, just didn’t get it done. I like to keep cleaning supplies as convenient as possible so that I’m more likely to actually use them. Smile  So right after we finished our shower remodel/ repair, I created a little shower rod storage to keep my scrub brush, cleaner, and sponge handy.

I simply hung a rod cross ways in the shower, opposite the shower head. You can see it here just above and perpendicular to the rod that actually holds the shower curtain.


Adding extra in shower using a shower curtain rod


I used some extra shower curtain rings to hold a basket for the cleaner and scrub pad. The squeegie also hangs from a ring. Use a squeegie to wipe down the shower after every use in order to help prevent mold.


Shower rod storage using extra rod, hooks, and baskets


The scrub brush hangs by its handle on the rod.


Shower curtain rod for extra storage


Using another shower rod for extra storage also gives you a great place to hang wet clothes or towels.

You may have noticed that I hung the ‘”real” shower curtain rod in a somewhat unusual way. Instead of hanging it in the doorway, I extended it to the inside corner. No, the rods don’t match, I used what I had- maybe someday it’ll bug me enough to change one of them.


Placing shower rod for hidden curtain


This way, the shower curtain disappears when opened, and we have the look of an open shower.


Shower with hidden shower curtain


We thought about getting a glass door (and may still eventually), but they’re expensive. Plus, a shower curtain is a lot easier to clean.

Remember the mustache from my His & Hers Towel Hook project?


Shower with hidden shower curtain


So, you got a two-fer today: some shower rod storage and how to be sneaky with your shower curtain. Think you’ll try either of these tips?




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  1. Great idea! You always amaze me ! I agree, way more brain cells than me too!

  2. This is the coolest thing ever. You have way more brain cells than me!

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