Tin Vase with Burlap Roses

This tin vase with burlap roses is yet another paint project that takes a decor item from country to updated country chic. I still seem to be having trouble remembering to take before pictures. Try to imagine this tin vase in all its former glory- yellow, painted with little country rose buds. Oh, and a bouquet of dusty plastic flowers and butterflies were included in the sale!


Tin Vase | PlumDoodles.com


I had to sand down the rose design to eliminate the distinct raised pattern. I then primed, painted, glazed, and sealed.

Wrapped jute twine a few times around the neck , but it still looked kind of plain. Maybe I should have left those painted roses on there? Nah! Instead, I made a few burlap roses and glued on.  Ah, much better!


Tin Vase Burlap Roses | PlumDoodles.com


This vase will be added to the stash being piled up neatly organized for the market next weekend.


Tin Vase Vignette | PlumDoodles.com


If you live in the Woodstock, GA area, come by Woodstock Market and Show, November 30- December 2. I’ll be setting up on Thursday afternoon, the 29th if you want to get roped into helping set up take a sneak peek. You can ask at the front desk for my booth. Betsy at Coastal Colors will be sharing a booth with me this time, so go check out her blog to see what other goodies we’ll have.




  1. Woo hoo! I’m excited about the market! This is the cutest vase! I need lessons on making these burlap flowers! You always amaze me! You’re so talented and creative! I can’t wait to see all of your gorgeous goodies!

  2. Oh very pretty, I love those nice simple touches.

  3. That is beautiful! Love what you did!

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