Tin Vase with Burlap Roses

This tin vase with burlap roses is yet another paint project that takes a decor item from country to updated country chic. I still seem to be having trouble remembering to take before pictures. Try to imagine this tin vase in all its former glory- yellow, painted with little country rose buds. Oh, and a bouquet of dusty plastic flowers and butterflies were included in the sale!


Tin Vase | PlumDoodles.com


I had to sand down the rose design to eliminate the distinct raised pattern. I then primed, painted, glazed, and sealed.

Wrapped jute twine a few times around the neck , but it still looked kind of plain. Maybe I should have left those painted roses on there? Nah! Instead, I made a few burlap roses and glued on.  Ah, much better!


Tin Vase Burlap Roses | PlumDoodles.com


This vase will be added to the stash being piled up neatly organized for the market next weekend.


Tin Vase Vignette | PlumDoodles.com


If you live in the Woodstock, GA area, come by Woodstock Market and Show, November 30- December 2. I’ll be setting up on Thursday afternoon, the 29th if you want to get roped into helping set up take a sneak peek. You can ask at the front desk for my booth. Betsy at Coastal Colors will be sharing a booth with me this time, so go check out her blog to see what other goodies we’ll have.




  1. That is beautiful! Love what you did!

  2. Oh very pretty, I love those nice simple touches.

  3. Woo hoo! I’m excited about the market! This is the cutest vase! I need lessons on making these burlap flowers! You always amaze me! You’re so talented and creative! I can’t wait to see all of your gorgeous goodies!

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