Sanding Curved Surfaces- The Easy Way {Tipsy Tuesday #9}

Remember the drop cloth covered bulletin board I made? That frame was actually one of a pair and I finally got around to using the second one for one of the chalkboards I painted using home made chalkboard paint. With all the curves and grooves, frames aren’t the easiest things to sand, so I thought I would share with you a tip for sanding curved surfaces the easy way.


01 Supplies for Sanding Curved Surfaces the Easy Way

Supplies: TSP Substitute and Sander Deglosser


I almost always use this tsp substitute to clean surfaces of painting/ refinishing projects. It removes the grease and grime really well, and doesn’t require rinsing. It’s a liquid concentrate (just add water) so it goes a long way. I bought this bottle at the Habitat ReStore, marked down to $3. Honestly, I didn’t realize when I bought this that it wasn’t tsp, but it works just fine.

For sanding this frame, I used Klean-Strip Sander Deglosser. You simply pour a small amount onto a lint-free rag and rub over the frame, small areas at a time. Keep moving to a clean section of your cloth and adding more deglosser until you’ve gone over the whole frame. This was so quick and easy, and no sanding dust.

Make sure you follow directions on the product labels- use gloves and eye protection as recommended.


02 Sanding Curved Surfaces the Easy Way with Sander Deglosser


I originally bought the sander deglosser to use on my kitchen cabinets. I haven’t gotten up the nerve to tackle them yet, though. I also haven’t decided whether to paint them or just add a glaze. They’re currently natural maple. Our kitchen has a terrible layout and it’s hard to motivate myself to do anything cosmetic when the practicalities of it are so bad. No extra charge for that side note.

Well, I suppose this is more of product recommendation than a tip, but I’ll definitely be using this product again for sanding curved surfaces the easy way. What about you? Have you ever used sander deglosser?









  1. Linda Marie says:

    Thanks, Sheila! I did not know this stuff existed. It is perfect for the job I have been putting off…..I mean the one I am doing next.

  2. I have never tried Deglosser, but have a bottle. You make this look so easy! What a great tip! Thanks for sharing it!

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