Rustoleum Countertop Transformations Makeover

I was recently given the opportunity to try out a Countertop Transformations kit by Rustoleum. The kit isn’t recommended for use on cultured marble, which is what we have in our guest bath, so what to do?  Younger sisters are always good to use as guinea pigs. So are their bathrooms. Umm, that doesn’t sound right…. Anyway, we worked together to start her bathroom update with a countertop makeover.


Using Countertop Transformations kit |


Lynn lives a few hours away, so we’ve had to work on this project in stages. Here is the before:


Guest bath before |


Yep, mauve countertops, and the vinyl flooring is mauve as well. There may have also been mauve carpet throughout the house once upon a time, but Sis would probably deny it.

Anyway, though you can use the kit with the sinks in place, we decided to make things easier on ourselves and remove them. (I.e., Lynn’s hubby Cory pulled them out.) We also figured we’d end up getting new sinks. Which we did.

Here is the kit we used:


Rustoleum Countertop Transformations- Charcoal |


I won’t go into great detail about the process since a detailed video as well as written instructions are included in the kit, but will give you an overview and a few pointers.

First step is to clean, then thoroughly sand the countertop. Make sure you remove all the sanding dust from the countertops, or the adhesive will stick to the dust, not the countertop.


Sand formica countertops |


See all that pink dust? It’s a very good idea to wear a mask during the whole project.

Oh, you’ll also notice, we peeled and scraped away all the caulking around the edges and sink openings.

We masked off the walls and placed tarps on the floor. It would be a good idea to mask off a wider area than we did- the color chips actually stuck to the wall and cabinet and we had to sand them off later when we were painting the walls.

The first layer is a black adhesive that looks sort of like tar. I didn’t get a picture of that, had to work quickly. This was probably the trickiest step- getting the adhesive on thick enough and yet not so thick that it sagged or left ridges. (We had a couple of minor sags on the back splash.)

Then comes the fun part. The color chips go into a spreader and you fling them all over the countertop. They fly everywhere! Be generous, there are plenty- we had a thick layer over the countertop and still had a couple of bags of chips left over.


Countertop Transformations chips applied |


We left it overnight, then brushed away the excess and sanded down the chips. (Rustoleum includes a sample to show how smooth you need to sand your countertop.) At this point, we noticed mauve spots shining through where we didn’t apply the adhesive thickly enough. It’s simple to touch up with a damp sponge and more adhesive. Spread more chips on those spots and wait until dry, then finish sanding.

After cleaning up the sanding dust, we applied the top coat. We ended up with a couple of minor roller marks in the finish, but not terribly noticeable.


Countertop Transformations top coat |


On our next visit, Richard and Cory installed new white sinks (the old ones were almond). We reused the faucets. Much better! But now the walls were looking kinda’ dingy, sooo…

This week, Lynn and I painted the walls- we first tried to save money by mixing a few leftover paints that resulted in a blindingly bright blue. I won’t strain your eyes with a picture.

We repainted using Glidden in a much softer, calmer shade from Martha Stewart called Ice Rink. I love this color! Doesn’t it look fresh and clean?


Bathroom Walls painted Martha Stewart Ice Rink |


I had to leave at that point, so the mirrors and outlet covers weren’t yet reinstalled.


Bathroom countertop tranformation |


Over all, the Countertop Transformations kit was easy to use and pretty forgiving, though the perfectionist in me is bugged by those little boo-boos I made with the roller. But this countertop makeover was definitely an improvement over mauve laminate. Lynn is pleased, so I will have more opportunities to use her as a guinea pig. Winking smile

One more pic, a side by side comparison:


Countertop Before- After


So, what would you do with the cabinets? Update with new hardware? Paint? What color? If paint, would you paint the mirrors to match the cabinets? (The floors will eventually be tiled.)

Disclosure: Rustoleum provided the Countertop Transformations kit, but did not ask me to give a positive review. All statements are my own opinions and true to my experience with the product.




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  1. What did you do with your left over chips? If you would happen to still have them I was wondering if I could pay you to get them. I have recently done my kitchen but unfortunately have a “bald” spot that needs to be recovered but ran out of chips. Thought it wouldn’t hurt to ask. Thanks!!

  2. I would paint the cabinets a greyish white with black or silver hardware. I love those handles that are like an upside down scoop on the drawers with normal pull handles on the cupboards (matching of course). The black mirrors would really stand out (in a good way) if the cabinets were greyish white.


    Black cabinets and get new hardware that matches the pearly look of the faucet handles.

  3. Thanks, sis. I do love my almost new bathroom. Can’t wait to fininsh (hint, hint) 🙂

  4. That actually came out very nice. The before picture reminds me of the bright orange formica in “The Brady Bunch” kitchen… Excellent job!!!

  5. Looks great, Sheila! Big transformation for sure! I’m sure your sister is happy with the new look.

  6. I’d paint the Cabinets with Rustoleum Cabinet Transformations in Linen, which is a ivory white. It’s probaly the closest white of theirs to your new sinks. I used and edged my molding with the glaze (just a hint on edges not overall) and it came out really great. It says to do two of the base coats, but lots of users say to go with three or four (one small kit will more than do the vanity so don’t skimp). Allow proper drying and then for the sealer follow the directions. After it cured for a week or so (light use before is fine), I got a professional looking finish. Very happy a year and a half later.

  7. Loved the post and results. We have “cultured” marble (code for UGLY) in our bathroom. The problem we face is the sink and countertop are all one piece, making it difficult to do anything to the top without involving the sink. Do you think the sink could be painted, too? Did the video address that issue?
    Thanks for taking the time to post this transformation; it’s wonderful.

  8. Mila Stewart says:

    Much cheaper @ Walmart for the same thing.

  9. Sheila, this is an amazing transformation! Wow! You never shy away from a difficult project! You just amaze me! I love the countertops ! I’ll volunteer my house for any of your DIY projects! 🙂 Great job!

  10. Gorgeous. Have used the plain rustoleum countertop paint on some ugly fake cutting board laminate. Soooo much better. If possible, i would use hd polyurethane over much used/cleaned surfaces. The plain can chip, but easily touched up. Will use again.

  11. Jamie Knight says:

    I never heard of this. I love the transformation. I’d love to do my kitchen. I have that old fake butcher block look, you know … way outdated and I hate it. I think it’s formica, not sure. Do you think it would work on that? What is the cost and how much does 1 cover? Thanks, new to this site, I love it!! Thanks again, Jamie

    • Welcome, Jamie, I’m glad you’re here! 🙂 It should work fine on your countertop. This kit covers 12 linear feet of counter. At our local Home Depot, the kit is around $150, but it may depend on your area. One caution I would raise for a kitchen is that the instructions say you shouldn’t place hot objects on it. Of course, that is true for most countertop materials. Hope that helps.

  12. I’d love to do my kitchen, that looks great! I’m just concerned about the kids touching it before it cured

  13. These turned out so pretty! I would love to redo my kitchen 🙂

    xoxo, Tanya

  14. Turned out great Sheila! I love charcoal with white. If I were to do anything with the cabinets, I would paint them white. I love Benjamin Moore, White Dove. Hardware? I’m thinking oil rubbed bronze, I just really like that look.The wall color is awesome too! Nice job! 🙂

  15. Linda Hayes says:

    Very nice work, ladies. I hear mauve is making a comeback (Ha – I Wish!)

  16. Wow! What a difference! That is a seriously cool kit.

  17. Wow, never knew you could do that. Would you recommend this for a kitchen? I have peach colored counter tops in my kitchen that have been bugging me for 10 years! Hub wants to wait until we remodel the entire kitchen to replace them. The bathroom would look really nice with the cabinets painted and new hardware. Thanks!

    • Tiffany, I haven’t tried it, but the packaging says it can be used in a kitchen. They caution against setting anything hot on it, so you’d have to be diligent about using hot pads. This would definitely be worth trying while waiting for that glorious total remodel! 🙂

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