Painted Grain Sack Table

I have a habit of buying thrift store goodies with the thought of doing “something” with them. Eventually. I now have a workroom in the basement full of potential projects, just waiting for inspiration. This little table recently made its way to the top of the pile.


Grain sack striped table-


I didn’t take pictures of the “before,” but just imagine one of those little black metal outdoor tables, a bit rusty and a lot dirty. The top was originally just expanded metal- you know the kind, with the open mesh.

What actually pushed this table to the top of the list was the round wood piece. Richard brought a bunch of these home from work- discarded packaging. I discovered that it was the exact same size as the table top- yeah!

After cleaning the table and sanding any rusted spots, I primed and spray painted.


Blue Metal Outdoor Table-


I decided to give the top a sort of grain sack look, mimicking the diy accent table whose top I covered with a coffee sack. After painting the top white, I taped off stripes and used the same blue spray paint that I used on the base.

Sanding gave the paint a more textured look, and glaze softened the bright blue. A clear top coat protects the painted finish.


Striped wood table top-


Richard, aka MacGyver, fashioned some metal brackets to attach the wood top to the base with screws.


Blue White Striped Table-


Now, what to do with those other twenty round wood thingies…. Any ideas?




  1. Love the table…I have an attic full of projects…just cannot seem to get to them!…I know you will come up with some great ideas!!!

  2. I love the grain sack look I want to do mine in red. No idea on the circles but I’m sure you’ll come up with something 🙂

  3. Sheila, your table is so cute! I love it! Your faux grain sack is fabulous! You always have the best ideas! I love the idea of signs and clock faces with the other rounds. I know your mind is thinking though and I can’t wait to see what you make!

  4. Love the table, fresh and fun. Some good ideas up above. I like the faux clock idea! Pick a favorite time and stick with it. Maybe a collage of pictures, cats, or dogs, or kids…be sure to let us know. orrrrr how about a snow picture??? yeah, that’s it. because we haven’t had enough of snow you know!

  5. Kathy Phillips says:

    Wall decor with the other round wood pieces!

  6. Wow, what a wonderful pairing and that it worked out so great, Sheila! You could make some signs with the others, maybe a faux clock face {or even an actual clock since they sell the clock workings at the craft stores}, add some handles for a tray. I think you will come up with some great ideas for the others.

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