Painted French Country Chair with Stenciled Drop Cloth Fabric

Hey, guys! While I was working on the French Country end table, I was also painting this dining chair to use as my office/ sewing chair, using the same paint and techniques.


French Country Dining Chair with Stenciled Drop Cloth Fabric |



The Chair Frame

This was an orphan left over from the set of chairs I recovered with stenciled drop cloth last year. I bought five chairs at the thrift store, but this one sported holes on the sides of the seat frame and the back. An armless arm chair? I filled the holes with dowels and wood filler, then sanded smooth.


Filling arm chair holes |


Of course, that meant that I had to paint this chair, unlike the other four, which only needed new upholstery. Since I knew I couldn’t match the finish, I sold the other four as a set, and kept this one for myself.


French Country chair repaired and painted |


The Seat

Time to reupholster the seat. I used a piece of drop cloth for my fabric again, but this time I stenciled it with the Allover Peony Stencil from Cutting Edge Stencils. I chose the same purple paint that I used for my stenciled area rug.

I didn’t want the color quite as dark, though, so I added white to get two lighter shades.


Paint for stenciling chair seat |


Hmm, just noticed that I laid newspaper down to protect the floor… everywhere except under the bowl of paint.

Ok, moving on, I stenciled the larger peonies with the medium purple, the smaller flowers with the lightest purple, and the vines and leaves with white. I did place newspaper under the fabric….


Stenciled fabric using Cutting Edge Stencils |


After stapling on the fabric, I realized that I’ve had this chair in pieces for so long that I couldn’t find the screws to reattach the seat. Luckily for me, Richard hoards screws and nails like I hoard chocolate.


French Country Office Chair with stenciled fabric seat |


In honor of her pretty floral seat, I’ve decided to name her Fleurette.


French Country Chair Painted and Stenciled |


Now if only the organizer fairy would visit, so I can actually use Fleurette in the office/ sewing room. ~sigh~




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PS: As friend and reader Bernice pointed out, I failed to name my French Country end table. So, I asked my fellow facebook doodlers for help. Sharon from Mrs. Hines’ Class came up with the winning name, Francesca. She will be getting a little surprise in the mail this week. Follow along on facebook for a little extra fun, and maybe even a surprise or two now and then! 🙂


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  1. Hey Sheila! LOVE IT! Just wanted to let you know you will featured tonight on the blog and also I pinned this! 🙂

  2. She’s so pretty, love your fabric!

  3. What a sweet little chair! I love the way this turned out. I recently mentioned to a client that we should paint a design on the fabric of one of her chairs. She just wasn’t seeing it. I need to show her your project. Turned out great, Sheila!

  4. You did an amazing job! I am going to take a look around your blog & enjoy! I hope you will also stop on over at A*I*D & see what I have created too!

  5. OMG sheila, when I saw the pick, i thought “wow, thats a pretty fabric” but was SHOCKED that you stenciled it. Really great job!!!

  6. Oh she sure is pretty Miss Sheila:) I love her name too! Happy Saturday to you.

  7. SO cute! i absolutely love the shape of that chair and the seat is fabulous!!!!

  8. I have nominated you for the “Liebster Award” which is giving to up and coming bloggers on outstanding work on thier blogs. you may have heard of the Liebster Award before its a german word that mean lovly, dearest, cute, beloved ect ect. And you have earned it. This award was giving to me by Nicki at sweet parrish place you can refer there for authenticity and refer to for the rules. Congrats! by the way this is not a joke.

  9. I love this chair! Fantastic fabric! I now have to read your next post on changing paint sheen. 🙂

  10. Your stencil work is great, Sheila! Love that you used white, also. I am a lover of painter’s cloth and use it to make name/date little pillows for babies and weddings. (16 x 12 size.)

  11. Love the chair, Sheila! I’ve always loved the look of these chairs. I wonder if it was an arm chair at one time. Your fabric turned out great! If you hadn’t said you stenciled it I would have thought it was a pre-patterned fabric that you used. Nicely done!

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