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Painted Grain Sack Table

I have a habit of buying thrift store goodies with the thought of doing “something” with them. Eventually. I now have a workroom in the basement full of potential projects, just waiting for inspiration. This little table recently made its way to the … [Read More...]


DIY French Graphic Pillow

As much as I love shopping at thrift stores, I also love wandering the aisles at places like TJ Maxx and Marshalls. Especially the clearance aisles. … [Read More...]


Painted Bookcase with Graphics Transfer Quote

Hey, guys. I hope you had a great weekend. I mostly spent the weekend in my jammies, not a bad way to relax, huh? Last week, before the scary snow day, I worked on several projects for my booth. One thing I desperately needed was more display space, … [Read More...]


My Scary Snow Storm Story

Well, guys, looks like I am still off schedule here. I’m sure you have heard about the snow and ice disaster we had in Atlanta yesterday. It wasn’t supposed to do much in our area. Ummmm….. … [Read More...]


Create Graphic Wall Art from Tabletop

Wow, it sure has been hard to get back on schedule since Christmas. Dad fell last week and after much persuasion, finally went to the e.r.  He has a spinal compression fracture, very painful. … [Read More...]


DIY Drapery Sconces

Ready for another window treatment project? This time I’ll show you how I made diy drapery sconces for the laundry room from…. glass candlesticks. Yep, those prolific dollar store candlesticks. … [Read More...]


Curtains and DIY Curtain Rods

You’re probably tired of me obsessing about the curtain dilemma in the keeping room, but I’m finished! I’ll show you the curtains, diy curtain rods and brackets, and the overall look as we make a circuit around the room. … [Read More...]


What’s Going on at Plum Doodles

Hey, guys, no pretty pictures today, but I wanted to pop in and let you know what’s going on. I am working on a new space to sell my projects and Doodle Magic, which means replacing tags, which means making new tags, which means redoing my inventory … [Read More...]


DIY Polka Dot Bud Vases

You know how sometimes you look at an ordinary little thing and think, “I can use that for an awesome project?” … [Read More...]


Entry Table and Lamp Shade Update

I have wanted to update the lamp shade on our entry table lamp for awhile now. I considered a few possibilities: embellish the old shade with fabric flowers, maybe something like the trash can lamp shade; recover the old shade with a different … [Read More...]