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spiders and the devil graphic

Spiders and the Devil

Spiders. I don’t like ‘em. Hairy bodies and way too many legs. Unfortunately, living on wooded property means lots of spiders. Take this guy, for instance. … [Read More...]

My-Home-Style at Plum

My Style at Plum Doodles

Hey, hey! Today, I’m joining a group of bloggers for a big ol’ blog hop. What’s that, you say? Well, we’re each talking about our decorating style, which gives you a chance to discover other bloggers and their styles. When you finish here, simply hop … [Read More...]


Updating the Baker’s Rack/ Sideboard

Did you notice anything different about our furniture in the dining room tour? Yeah, the baker’s rack is no longer a baker’s rack. Just a couple of updates gave us a whole new look- we now have a sideboard! The first, most obvious change was to … [Read More...]


Our New Home Tour- Dining Room

After our little detour to see the front porch concrete repair, let’s go back inside and continue the tour of our new home. … [Read More...]


Our Front Porch Concrete Repair

Today, I thought I’d take a little detour from the inside and show you our front porch concrete repair. … [Read More...]


Our New Home Tour- Guest Bath

Next up in our new home tour is the guest bath, which is located just off the short hallway behind the living room. The bathroom reveal was supposed to be posted before the guest bedrooms, but I accidentally hit a wrong button somewhere …. ~sigh~ … [Read More...]


Our New Home Tour- Guest Bedrooms

Since I have started the new home tour, I’m committed to showing you the good, the bad, the unfinished, right? The guest bedrooms are functional, but not decorated. I haven’t even completely decided on what furniture stays and what goes where. One … [Read More...]


Our New Home Tour- Living Room

Well, I gave up on getting everything in order before giving you our new home tour. May as well stick with my usual modus operandi. You know, messes included. I showed you the kitchen last time, and since you got a peek of the living room when I … [Read More...]


Our French Country Cottage Kitchen

Hey, hey! I’m finally getting around to show you our French country cottage kitchen. Well, that’s the style I’m working toward, anyway. I think I have a good start on it…. … [Read More...]


DIY Spice Jar Labels

I know, I know, still no pictures of the whole house. One reason for the holdup is that I’m doing little organization projects as I unpack. As a result, much of the house is still a disaster. Will it ever end?! … [Read More...]

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