Music- Themed Butterfly Shutter

Hey, guys- thanks so much for voting in the One Crafty Contest. Voting is over for this round, so I can reveal which project was mine. Did you guess correctly this time? Yep, my project entry was the Music- Themed Butterfly Shutter.  And guess what- I’m in the top ten and go to the next round!!! Open-mouthed smile

Musical Purple Butterfly Shutter |


When I heard the theme for this round was washi tape, I had a mild panic attack because I had never used it before. After wandering around Hobby Lobby and brainstorming with my friend Cindy, I remembered I had these small decorative shutters at home. I bought a three-pack of them at a thrift store a couple of years ago. No particular plans for them at the time. You know, one of those “such a good price, surely I can find something to do with them” deals.


Unfinished Wooden Shutter |



First, I painted the shutter with Rust-Oleum white spray primer. When I discovered that I was out of spray paint, I decided to just go with the primer. I was in a hurry, had one day to complete the project because we were headed out of town the next day- yikes!


Wooden shutter primed |


When it was dry, I added a strip of music-patterned washi tape to each of the slats, as well as three strips across the top and one additional strip across the bottom section. In order to avoid the awkward handle thingy, I had to affix the tape to the slats from the back side.

I had trouble with the tape staying firmly attached, so I coated it with a layer of Mod Podge. Not sure how much that helped, but couldn’t hurt, right? Anyone else have problems with the tape? Maybe it was just a bad brand? Or error of the crafter?


Music Tissue Washi Tape shutter |



Using my Silhouette Cameo, I cut three different sizes of butterflies from three shades of purple card stock. I also cut three sizes from an old hymnal, slightly smaller than each size of purple butterfly. I glued the music butterflies on top of the purple cutouts, leaving the wings free, then folded the wings up from the body for a more dimensional look.


Scrapbook Paper- music page- butterflies |



I knew I wanted the butterflies to kind of swoop up the shutter, light to dark. I played around with them until I was somewhat satisfied with the layout, then hot glued them into place.


Music butterfly shutter- washi tape- hymnal pages- purple card stock |


Sorry about the blurry pictures- I was in a hurry, remember? 😛  Not entirely satisfied with the arrangement, either, but it had to do.


Gradient Music Butterfly shutter |


When everything was assembled, I lightly sprayed the whole thing with clear spray varnish. I like the black and white graphic of the music with the pop of purple. What do you think?  What colors and patterns would you have used?




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  1. Sheila! Awesome job! I had a feeling that was your project. Way to go on being the top 10 you talented girl!

  2. Adorable, Sheila! Congratulations on being in the top 10! Good luck in the next round!

  3. Honestly, yours was my favorite! …even though I’m competing against you! 😀 I love purple, I love butterfly art, and I love music! If I saw this in a store I would snatch it up and hang it by my piano! I’m glad you made it into the next round. You deserve it! Awesome project!

  4. Beautiful! Loved the incorporation of music, turned out just beautiful.

  5. Sheila, I love this! You never cease to amaze me with what you will come up with next! Congratulations on moving to the next round!

  6. That shutter is waay too cute…I need to find that great washi tape!…Just love those butterflies….I know my granddaughter would just love that shutter!!

  7. Bernice says:

    What a good idea! This is lovely Sheila! I am thinking this would look super in the bedroom with the trellis head board? Or in your booth, also. I am curious big are the shutters? And congratulations!

  8. I love this! You are so creative! I’m thrilled you moved to another level in the contest! This totally rocks!

  9. Very pretty, Sheila! I love that washi tape.

  10. This is so original and creative! I’m sure this will be a “hit” on the crafting scene and copied all over! I love purple and wouldn’t change a thing. It gives the project that special “ump pa pa”!!!! Congratulations as you move on to the next round!

  11. It’s so beautiful Sheila, I love this so much!

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