Mini Vanity Makeover

Sometimes just a little bit of a makeover will make a big difference.  A wee makeover for a mini vanity seems appropriate, doesn’t it? That light spot is a reflection from the mirror.


Mini Vanity Makeover-


When I found it, this mini vanity was glossy white with a lavender drawer.


Mini Vanity Makeover Before-


It had a broken knob, numerous stickers, and who-knows-what inside the drawer.


Vanity Makeover before-


A little clean-up and a bit of sanding prepped this cutie for a new look. I taped off the mirror, then spray painted the whole thing white. Using stain as a glaze added texture. A clear top coat in a matte sheen protects the new finish.

I replaced the broken drawer pull with a sweet little birdie. The bird didn’t cover up the marks from the previous pull, so I spray painted a large washer to use as a thrifty escutcheon.


Mini Vanity Makeover Bird Knob-


Can you believe I painted over the lavender? Winking smile



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  1. No, I can’t believe you painted OVER purple, Sheila! : ) It looks great and I love the birdie pull. Great idea using the washer.

  2. How cute is this! It grew up to be a LADY!
    how big is it actually?

    So you are doing little projects……..?

  3. Yucky inside! Whew, if clients only knew what you had to go though to update a piece! You turned this mirror into a jewel! I adore the bird pull and what a clever idea to to add a painted washer for an escutcheon! I’m still stunned you painted over purple! Are you okay? 🙂

  4. I love the little knob so cute! Painting over lavender well to be fair I think that with the damage on the inside it was required.

  5. The repainted vanity and lavender drawer is plum perfect!

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