Master Bedroom Tour

I’m slowly getting rooms somewhat presentable so I can give you a look around. Today, I thought I would give you a master bedroom tour. There are a few projects still to be done and I’ll point those out as we go along.

First up  is the view from the doorway. On the left side of the bed is the rug I flipped over and stenciled on the back.

You’ll notice there are no curtains on the windows. I took our nice, lined, room darkening drapes down (they didn’t match the new quilt), thinking that all that sunlight streaming in early in the morning would push me to quickly get the new curtains made. Umm, it didn’t work. Fabric is now ordered, though.

Nothing on the walls- I moved the large picture over the bed to another room. I plan on replacing it with an antique wood wall hanging/ plaque thingie that I found at a thrift store. It needs some reinforcement before I can finish painting it. Other than that, I haven’t found anything that really motivates me to put holes in the walls. Any suggestions?


01 Master Bedroom Tour from doorway- Plum Doodles


On the left side of the bed is my nightstand. The basket is where we throw the extra pillows at night. Ok, that’s where they stay most of the time.


02 Master Bedroom Tour- Nightstand Left Side- Plum Doodles


Catch a glimpse of the lampshade in this pic? Another project- I bought a pair of these shades to replace the old ones, but I’m not crazy about the lamps, either, so I’m waiting to find new lamps before I redo the shades. One change leads to another….


03 Left Nightstand- Plum Doodles


The box on my nightstand is where I keep all my recharging cords. My soul recharging items are in here, too- my Bible and my favorite devotional, Jesus Calling. Side note and sneaky lesson: None of these work if you don’t plug them in or plug into them. Smile


04 Recharging station- Plum Doodles


Moving along, here is the view from my nightstand. I moved the curtain rod higher, so I’m one step closer to new curtains. Haven’t touched up the paint from the old screw holes yet.


05 Master Bedroom Tour- View from Left Side- Plum Doodles


On our dresser: I think the wire dress form is from Hobby Lobby. The picture frame is from Big Lots. The finial doodad is from a thrift store, one of a set of three. The other two are on Richard’s nightstand.


06 Dreser Left Side- Plum Doodles


I found this terrarium at a yard sale last summer. You can see a reflection of our bathroom in the mirror- I had to go move some more junk and retake this picture. ~sigh~


07 Dresser Right Side- Plum Doodles


I love the crusty look of the base of the terrarium. You may recognize the chippy iron bird that I moved from our bistro table.


08 Terrarium closeup- Plum Doodles


In the corner to the left of the dresser is our chest of drawers.


09 Master Bedroom Tour- Chest Vignette- Plum Doodles


The small ironstone pitcher came from a thrift store. I think I bought the finger vase on ebay. I love air ferns, one of the very few plants I don’t kill.


10 Chest vignette- Plum Doodles


Another unfinished project to the left of the chest. We pulled up carpet soon after moving in and put down hardwoods in our bedroom. The smell and stains from cat pee were horrendous and made that project a priority. We used Kilz oil-based primer and tar paper under the hardwoods. Richard ended up pulling out the baseboard on this wall again after we noticed the smell was back. ugh! He poured more primer in the gap and it seemed to help. We still need to  install shoe molding, caulk, and paint.


12 Master Bedroom Tour baseboards- Plum Doodles


Richard’s nightstand.


13 Master Bedroom Tour Nightstand right side


View from Richard’s side of the bed. I love a blue ceiling.


14 Master Bedroom Tour From Right side- Plum Doodles


A better view of our wall and ceiling colors. Walls are Behr Silver Pebble. Ceiling is Behr Cumberland Fog.


15 Master Bedroom Tour Paint Colors- Plum Doodles


And just to keep it real, here is what happened just before taking pictures. Not including the shuffle of stuff to the closet.


16 Keeping it Real- Plum Doodles


And that concludes our fascinating master bedroom tour. You can go take a nap now.



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  1. Rosemary says:

    You’ve given me so many ideas.. The box beside the bed and your comment about plugging in~very cute. I also loved that you mixed white nightstands w/dark wood. I have always wanted to to it but was afraid it was against some Seeing yours made me finalize my decision. I don’t have time to finish looking around today but I truly like your style.

  2. Sheila, your bedroom is fantastic. I love everything you’ve done, and I’m featuring all three of the posts you linked up at Every Room In The House. You are quite the decorator! ~ Nancy

  3. What a lovely room. I love your choices for furniture and paint color. I bought two gallons of oops paint that I was planning to use on my bedroom, but I love the combination you used. I guess that makes sense I’ve done similar wall colors on a guest bath AND our dining room and painted the ceilings blue in both room. I believe you have wonderful taste!

  4. I adoore the lamps!! I will be happy to take them off your hands! the bedroom is goregous!

  5. Tiki Brown says:

    Hey Sheila, Your bedroom looks so simplified and I love it. I like the recharging box idea. It just looks neat and peaceful. I am trying to simplify my life but with almost no closets it is very hard. I will take any ideas you have. miss you friend.

  6. It looks really beaUtiful Sheila! Peaceful and serene.
    I am cRazy for the serpentine-fronted night stands and dresser!
    May have to work you for them next time I come to Atlanta!
    Happy 4th!

  7. I love your bedroom! It is beautiful. We ( okay, really myself) are getting ready to redo our bedroom in blue. I love your blue ceiling, and you’ve given me a great idea!! Oh, hubby will be so thrilled. LOL Thank you so much for sharing. Happy Fourth.

  8. This room is so YOU and I love it! Clears my head to look at it…mine is stacked with books, etc. and I would be horrifed to show pictures of it though it is a comforting place for me! and…if you replace those beautiful lamps, consider blessing your dear friend with them! 🙂 Love you.

  9. Sheila, this is so pretty! It’s so light and refreshing! I love your night stands! Thanks for the tip about the pillows! My husband doesn’t like to fool with them. He tosses them in to a pile on the floor! Your floors look like mine ! Beautiful space!

  10. I love your bedroom, but especially the bed. Thanks for the tip about the basket for the pillows. My husbands calls them “Show Pillows” and he hates them. Haha Also, I love the box you used for all the rechargers. Great idea!

  11. Beverly says:

    I love that part about none of these work…if you don’t plug into them! Enjoying your pictures–the room is lovely. Bless you!

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