How to Make Fabric Cuffs for Dollar Store Vases

All of you have probably seen these dollar store vases, and may even own one or two. They are so easy to make over for any holiday or decorating scheme. Today, I want to show you how to make fabric cuffs for cylinder vases, no sewing involved.


Vase with birds and morning glory fabric wrap-



Dollar Store glass vase (or any straight sided vase)

Scrap of fabric, cut to 4 1/2 x 12 inches

Hot glue gun and glue

Bird Graphics from The Graphics Fairy

Transfer Medium, such as Doodle Magic


Resize the graphics to fit your vase, then print (on a laser printer if using Doodle Magic). I colored the flowers in this graphic using Photoshop Elements. I am totally lost trying to edit pictures with PE, but apparently coloring with it is within my grasp.

Here is the graphic with the touch of color added:


BirdsBranchesDrawingVintageGraphicsFairy1- colorized by PlumDoodles


Follow the directions for your transfer medium and transfer onto the fabric. I placed the graphic face down and applied Doodle Magic, burnished with a craft stick, and repeated until I had a reasonably clear image transferred. NOTE: Doodle Magic will not transfer all the toner from the paper, so your image will be softer than the original.


Dollar Store Vase Cuff- graphics transfer-


Pull loose strings to fray the top and bottom edges. Try to stop pulling strings before you end up with a postage stamp size scrap of fabric. It’s kind of like peeling sunburn- hard to stop and somewhat therapeutic. I like the extra little detail the fringe gives.

Use a hot iron to set the image and remove any wrinkles.

Wrap around the vase and make sure the cuff is level. Glue one end in place, then glue the overlapping end. You may need to trim a bit if the overlap is too much and covers part of the graphic. You may also want to add a dot of glue here and there along the top to keep it from shifting.


Dollar store vase fabric cuff-


From another angle:


Fabric wrap for vase-


I am still so excited about finding a color laser printer that works with Doodle Magic to do transfers.

I have wrapped some of these dollar store vases with music pages, sea shells, and scrapbook paper. Not all at once. How have you fancied them up for your home?




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  1. Wow, what a brilliant idea. This can be used as gift, decoration or hide blemishes on otherwise good items.
    Or just simply transfer $vase into wonderful object.
    Thank you for sharing.

  2. Wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy to cute Sheila. OMG these are my faves.

  3. That’s so beautiful, I really need doodle magic.

  4. Sheila, I love this idea! Your wrap is so cute and a perfect accent for the vase! Doodle Magic is amazing!

  5. Very pretty, Sheila! Love the image you’ve used. I’ve used scrapbook paper on these {and those dollar store prayer candles} to dress them up.

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