Magnetic Fall Welcome Sign

I know it seems crazy to be writing about fall decorating when the temps are 90+ right now. But we can always pretend dream hope for cooler weather. Yesterday, I wrote about fall decorating without using orange. Going against the traditional in favor of my beloved purple.

Anyway, I thought I’d show you how I made the magnetic fall welcome sign that sits by the front door.


Magnetic Fall Welcome Sign


The metal sign was originally bright pink, bought on sale at Hobby Lobby. Sometimes you can find things cheaper if they aren’t a great color. Nothing against neon pink. Spray paint it white and wipe on a brown glaze.

For the magnets, make a leaf pattern, then cut 14 leaves from drop cloth fabric. Since you’ll be using two per magnet, cut two at a time so that the edges will match up when time to put them together.

Paint the edges of the leaves with brown craft paint; otherwise, they will blend into the background of the sign.


Magnetic Fall Welcome Sign supplies


If your handwriting is as terrible as mine, print out the letters from your computer. Tape the paper and leaf to a window so you can see the letter through the fabric.


Magnetic Fall Welcome Sign- Tracing the letters


I used a round art brush and purple paint to trace the letters. Once you have the general outline, take it off the window and touch up the paint. The fabric is textured, so the paint won’t have a solid or smooth appearance.

Next, place a magnet on the wrong side of the second leaf. Glue around the magnet and press the painted leaf on top, lining up the edges. I didn’t glue the magnets to the fabric so that they’ll be easy to cut out and reuse someday.


Magnetic Fall Welcome Sign- Adding magnet


Leave a small opening at the top, insert a stem, then glue closed.


Magnetic Fall Welcome Sign- stem added


Where did I get the stems?


Magnetic Fall Welcome Sign- Rattan ball


Yep, just pretend it’s ball of string and unwind a short piece and break it off. Or you could go outside and gather a few sticks. Me? I choose air conditioning every time.

Arrange the magnets on your sign. My sign had loops for attaching ribbon, but I decided to just set the sign on the bistro chair.


Magnetic Fall Welcome Sign complete


And there you have it, a magnetic fall welcome sign. You could make other shapes for changing seasons and holidays. Christmas trees,  Easter eggs, shamrocks, hearts. What shapes would you create?





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  1. What a cute idea!!! I have just the thing I could do that with!
    Thanks for your kind comment on my post about my antique trunk.

  2. What a beautiful “welcome” sign!

  3. Great project, Sheila! Thanks for linking up to The “Autumn Décor” Talent Scouting Party at WhisperWood Cottage!

  4. This is so versatile! I love the idea of changing it seasonally. Thanks for showing us how to make these patterns and write on them. I love your Fall porch!

  5. So creative! I agree, love the leaf shapes – and eggs would be so fun for Easter!

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