Kitchen Makeover with New Caledonia Granite

Last week, we finally got our kitchen makeover underway with new granite countertops. I can hardly believe what a difference the new granite countertops make. I find myself walking into the kitchen and just staring.


Kitchen Makeover- Paint and New Caledonia Granite-


To keep expenses down, I knew I needed to find a granite that would blend with the existing tile backsplash, cabinets, and black appliances. New Caledonia granite fit the requirements perfectly, and it was on sale- yeah!

This is the area that overlooks the keeping room.


Kitchen Makeover Granite countertops-


I have only one picture of the before. Funny how styles change, isn’t it? I remember getting new countertops in a previous house, and I was so excited to get laminate with wood edging.


Kitchen Makeover Before-


Can you tell the slight difference in paint color? Yep, I painted the walls {and ceiling} and trim. Previous owners had done a really bad paint job-multiple times. I found three different colors of paint slopped onto the baseboards and crown molding. I felt a bit like an archaeologist.  And, um, I lived with it for five years.

The white sink was so scratched up, it was impossible to keep clean. I chose the 60/40 stainless sink and love the extra depth on the left side. One little hiccup during installation. I had planned to reuse the old faucet since we had replaced it only a year ago. However, the new sink wouldn’t accommodate a faucet with a base plate. Oops! I made the quickest trip and decision ever while the guys waited.


Kitchen Makeover 60-40 stainless steel sink-


The stove area:


Kitchen Makeover After-


And another look at the New Caledonia granite:


Kitchen Makeover New Caledonia Granite-


I especially love the flakes of mica throughout this granite- fun little sparkles from all different angles.

This is the cleanest the desk area has ever looked. It is usually just a catchall for junk and bills that get filed away maybe twice a year. If we were staying, we would have probably replaced this with another pantry.


Kitchen Makeover Desk Area-


We are hoping to get the house on the market next week. A few more tweaks and still a whole lotta’ de-cluttering to come!




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  1. We have natural oak cabinets and just picked out the New Caledonia granite for our counter tops and back splash. I think I’m going to go with white bead board walls with a vinyl flooring that looks like wood. My kitchen is a high traffic area. I hope it all looks good when finished.

  2. Just about to have a complete new kitchen put in. Leaving it to the experts. No way would i attempt myself. I did have full input and personally did the purchasing of sink, tap etc myself.

  3. Your kitchen is just beautiful! I really love those granite counter tops. I really like the rooster on your counter! Thank you for your sweet comment on my Anchored in His Love blog post. Have a lovely day! ~ Jamie

  4. Linda Hayes says:

    Looks great! That was fast. Good for you. 🙂

  5. Sheila I love love love your kitchen! I doesn’t look like the same room as before-your color and counter choice is perfect! xo (Pinning)

  6. BeaUtiful Sheila!

  7. Darlene Piche says:

    What I wouldn’t give for granite counter tops! Yours look beautiful! I live a a lovely rental condo…..13 years now. The kitchen counters are white ceramic tile with WIDE grout lines (which you know get pretty yucky). Do you know if anyone has had any success with that white painty stuff for grout renewal?

    • I haven’t tried the grout renewal stuff, but seems it would be worth a shot if the grout is looking bad anyway. Another alternative is to remove the grout and replace it- there are some new epoxy grouts that might be more stain resistant.

  8. Sheila, I love your countertops! They really made your kitchen shine! I love your vignettes too! I agree with your realtor, you’ll see the return on this purchase. Great choice!

  9. It’s very pretty, Sheila! Love the new sinks, too. We were thinking of getting either granite or quartz for new countertops in our kitchen here, but I have been hesitant since my hubby’s position was on the chopping block again with his company this year. I tend to think this won’t be our last home so I don’t know that I want to put the expense into it.

    • I know what you mean. I couldn’t really decide what to do until talking to our realtor. She told us that we would more than get our money back from the granite. Then I found out the granite I wanted was on sale for only a couple hundred dollars more than laminate. Made the decision much easier. I’m sorry to hear about hubby’s job situation- that is so stressful, will be praying for you.

  10. It looks beautiful Sheila oh what a shame to be leaving it. My sister did hers in that granite it’s gorgeous especially the flecks it looks like glitter 🙂 good luck de cluttering.

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