Kayaking on Lake Allatoona

Richard took the day off on Friday, so we decided to go kayaking on Lake Allatoona before the crowds showed up for the Memorial Day weekend. We drove to Red Top Mountain State Park, paid the park fee, and put in by 9:30 a.m. Perfect- hardly anyone there!


001 Lake Allatoona Red Top Mtn State Park


Aaah, sunshine and a cool breeze.


002 Lake Allatoona


And off we go! It’s really hard to turn around and take a picture and not tip the kayak. Yikes!


003 Richard kayaking on Lake Allatoona


That island looks inviting. Ignore the blindingly white toes.


Kayaking on Lake Allatoona


Unusually shaped boulder ahead- let’s check it out.


Jumping Rock on Lake Allatoona


Boulder from the other side. Looks like the perfect jumping spot.


006 Jumping rock on Lake Allatoona


Time to paddle up to shore for a short rest and a cold cola. Can you spot the fish?


Spotting fish while kayaking on Lake Allatoona


Love these tree roots. My first thought was- wow, those would make great rustic chandeliers. I know, weird….


008 Tree Roots


Lake Allatoona has lots of shady coves to paddle into when the sun starts getting too hot. This one was a little murky, but much cooler.


009 Murky cove


Traffic on the lake was starting to pick up, so we cautiously crossed open water to the dam.


Kayaking to the dam on Lake Allatoona


Then, time to head back to shore and grab lunch at Cracker Barrel. A great day of playing hooky!

Have a great Memorial Day and thank you to our heroes in uniform- God bless you and keep you safe!







  1. Rich and Susan says:

    Found you’re blog last night while searching for a good put in site at Lake Allatoona. Where exactly is this spot? We’ll be coming from Bells Ferry and Kellogg Creek Rd.

  2. Lake Allatoona? You must live near us – that’s where we go swimming. I never thought of kayaking there, but I think it would be so much fun!

  3. Love kayaking! Your environment is a bit different than the one I shared in my kayaking post. How lovely!

  4. Wow I’m thinking we need a kayak! Love the tree root chandeliers. My thoughts exactly!

  5. Looks like so much fun! Love the little fish! The island and cove look like fun places to explore! I know you had fun!

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