How to Make a Pillow Pattern {Tipsy Tuesday #15}

As you know, I’ve been working on projects for another weekend market coming up in a few weeks. Yikes! I made around 20 pillows last time and sold them all, so I decided to make a few this time around also. I wanted to streamline the process as much as possible. One way I did this was to figure out how to make a pillow pattern that would enable me to quickly cut out the pieces.


18 inch square pillows |

Graphics from the Graphics Fairy


I could (and did) make a paper pattern, but pinning and cutting isn’t exactly quick and easy. I like to use a rotary cutter and ruler to cut through multiple layers, but this still entails measuring each piece every time.  What could I use as a guide for the rotary cutter?

Then I remembered how many times I have made trips to Home Depot to get glass cut for various projects. Aha! For my 18-inch envelope-style pillows, I had one piece of glass cut to 18 1/2 inch square, and one piece cut to 13 1/2 x 18 1/2. (I need to cut one 18 1/2 inch square and two 13 1/2 x 18 1/2 pieces from my fabric for each pillow.)


How to Make a Pillow Pattern |


The glass makes a nice guide for my rotary cutter, and if I get a little spaz with the cutter, I don’t mess up my pattern. Zipping around these pieces shortens my cutting time by at least half!

NOTE: If you decide to use glass for a pattern, just be careful handling it, as edges may be sharp (mine was fine), and it can break easily. One option would be to use plexiglass- however, it is considerably more expensive.


Make a Pillow Pattern from glass |


The glass cost me about $13, so I wouldn’t advise doing this if you’re only making a couple of pillows, but it is definitely worth it if you’re making dozens of the same size. Do you have any tips for how to make a pillow pattern or cut down on sewing time?




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  1. Syelilag
    What a great idea! These are so cute! I love you blogs!!!

  2. Brilliant idea and probably not to much different to production templates

  3. Hey Sheila–the glass is a great idea, but a wee bit scary—how about plexi-glass??
    I’ve never tried a cutter–it looks like fun! Maybe it would be a big help with all this year’s Christmas stockings I need to get going on!

  4. What a great idea! These are so cute! Thanks for sharing this amazing tip!

  5. I would suggest putting some duct tape around the edge. It will cover any sharp edges and also give a little support to the glass. A cheaper option would be a sheet of masonite cut to size a 1/8″ X 2’X 4″ sheet costs $5.75 at Home

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