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If you follow along on facebook, you know that our house is officially on the market now. Which means that I have been working like a madwoman to get the house clean and clutter free. Don’t open the closets. Quick, let me give you a home tour while it’s still clean.

Home Tour- House Exterior- PlumDoodles.com


Home Tour- Porch 2- PlumDoodles.com


Home Tour- Porch- PlumDoodles.com


The powder room is just inside the front door.


Home Tour- Powder Room- PlumDoodles.com


I have started to remove some of the dishes in the dining room.


Home Tour- Dining Room 1- PlumDoodles.com


I finally got tired of going upstairs to the office to get things off the printer, so it lives on the sideboard now.


Home Tour- Dining Room 2- PlumDoodles.com


I don’t think I have ever shown you the living room as a whole. Because that would usually involve shuffling a whole lotta’ clutter over to the other side of the room to take a shot.


Home Tour- Living Room 1


Home Tour- Living Room 2- PlumDoodles.com


And one more angle:


Home Tour- Living Room 3- PlumDoodles.com


Lots of light in the breakfast area.


Home Tour- Breakfast Area- PlumDoodles.com


You have seen the keeping room in several posts: New Area Rug + Stenciled Feature Wall + Painting Tips. I removed the area rug for the warmer months.


Home Tour- Keeping Room- PlumDoodles.com


You saw our kitchen last week with the lovely new granite and paint.


Home Tour- Kitchen- PlumDoodles.com


I changed the window treatment in the laundry room- this table cloth from Target was just the right size to drape over the diy drapery sconces.


Home Tour- Laundry Room- PlumDoodles.com


We took the poster bed out of the master bedroom while dad was using the room. I didn’t want to put it back in after seeing how big the room looked, not to mention how much easier it is to get into bed. To see pics of the room before, check out the master bedroom tour.


Home Tour- Master Bedroom 1- PlumDoodles.com


Home Tour- Master Bedroom 2- PlumDoodles.com


The master bath has gotten lots of attention on pinterest, thanks to the diy furniture style vanity.


Home Tour- Master Bath- PlumDoodles.com


Ready to go upstairs?

First guest bedroom, nothing has really changed in here since I first shared it with you.


Home Tour- Guest Bedroom 1- PlumDoodles.com


Second guest bedroom- again, not much has changed, other than switching out the quilt. If you missed it, check out how we made the garden trellis headboard.


Home Tour- Guest Bedroom 2- PlumDoodles.com


I haven’t previously shown you the Jack and Jill bathroom, but you got a glimpse of it when I shared my tip for steaming fabric without getting burned.


Jack Jill bathroom 1- PlumDoodles.com


Jack Jill bathroom 2- PlumDoodles.com


The office/craft/sewing room has been off limits, thanks to the disaster it usually is. This would be a beautiful fourth bedroom- love those angled ceilings. All the bedrooms have walk-in closets, including this one. Well, it would be a walk-in closet if not for my overflowing fabric stash…..


Home Tour- Office-Craft-Sewing Room- PlumDoodles.com


Well, I think that’s it, other than the unfinished basement. I can’t share that with you, because I don’t want some hoarder show to come knocking on my door to rehabilitate me. Winking smile

Got any tips for packing and moving?

Tired Doodles,



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  1. Sheila, your home is so lovely! I think my favorite thing may be the front elevation–what great curb appeal you have!! And of course all the interiors look wonderful. Congratulations on getting it all cleaned up and listed! My house would take a LONG time to be show-ready!

  2. Sheila, congrats on being the most viewed post at Savvy Southern Style’s link party!! 🙂

  3. I enjoyed the tour! Each room looks beautiful – it’s difficult to pick a favorite but I do especially love the kitchen. Good luck with your move!

  4. Hi Sheila- I just found you through your feature at Kim’s SSLiving . I am your newest follower and already put you on my sidebar. LOVE your blog- xo Diana

  5. Your home is beautiful…I’m sure it will sell fast!!

  6. Sheila….you home is so beautiful and you should be selling it in no time….the spaces are beautifully appointed and the floor plan flows so nicely…not to mention it is “staged” so well with your gorgeous furnishings!….

  7. Beautiful home Sheila, both inside and out. I’m sure you won’t have trouble selling it. I’ve moved a lot so my tip would be to pack a little every day, things that you know you won’t need, and get rid of unwanted stuff when your packing so you don’t have to worry about it when you’re unpacking. Good luck.

  8. I hope it sells quickly for you it’s beautiful. Packing tip, have one box for the essentials in the car with you so you can open right away for me that would have a toaster a kettle a couple of mugs tea bags and uht milk and bread. Tea is my must have before I start unloading boxes.

  9. Sheila, I’ve seen most of your rooms, but everything looks most impressive when it’s all together in a home tour! I just know your home is going to sell quickly!

  10. Just beautiful Sheila! Hope it sells fast for you!

  11. Thanks so much for sharing your lovely home tour! Positively adore the laundry room window treatment! Since you are moving does this mean you won’t be at Haven? Please say no!

  12. I Love your home!! Best wishes for a quick sale!!
    I have two questions…I love the piece on your front door!! Did you make it or buy it and do you have any info or close up pictures?
    Also, where did you find the shower curtain in the jack and jill bathroom? I want one!!!
    Sorry to be so nosy, but I love them!

    • Thank you, Susan. I found the scrolly thing on the front door at Hobby Lobby. I change it up by adding things to it as the seasons change. Here is the link to the mini wreath that is currently on it: http://goo.gl/ZcV1Nd
      I ordered the shower curtain on Amazon. Search for gypsy ruffled shower curtain, or go to my post about it and click on the link here: http://goo.gl/wgGhlJ
      Not nosy at all, glad you like them. 🙂

  13. Your home is lovely, Sheila. It shows beautifully and I’m sure it will sell quickly. I need to go through your older posts to learn what your plans are. ~ Nancy

  14. Wonderful to have a home tour, Sheila! You have it staged so well, and it looks so clean and uncluttered! Can you believe you have yours on the market before I do?! Boy, are we dragging our feet. Yours should sell very quickly. Hope you have a smooth move! Also use your bath towels to wrap around vases and other breakables. Just a tiny suggestion. Just begin with a box just big enough for one person to be able to move. Put one in each room. As you go into a room ,start filling that box with the items you will need later, but don’t need anymore in this home. When it fills, seal it and mark it FROM which room, TO which new room. Carry those down into a room as you can. It won’t be so overwhelming that way. Also have a box in each room to donate, and carry around a big trash bag, too, for throw aways right then. Best of luck!

  15. Everything is so lovely and I enjoyed the tour. Facebook is not showing me your status so I went on your page and liked and shared this post too, so that I will see you in my news stream. I think your house will sell pretty quick.

  16. Bernice says:

    oohhh Sheila! What fun you are going to have..eventually! Ok, I love everything…and I have a question or comment or two! Ready???
    1 The arrangement on the front door still pops! What a statement! Unusual and beautiful!
    2 I only see one LAMP in the living room..is this for staging or do you not normally have more? I have 6 lamps in my living room, so anyone can read anywhere or for ambiance. it is a long and dark room .
    3 Your floors are super..what do you do? Swiffer? How long does it take to do all that hard surface..and how often?
    4 Arent shower curtains just the best value for fabric??? Yours is very pretty draped as it is.
    5 I love the ceiling in the bedroom!
    6 Your BATH vanity is when I started tuning into you!! via Hometalk??? Cant remember.
    7 Also the trellis headboard, that’s when I knew you are special! hahaha Still loving it, still haven’t done it myself!!! boo

    LOOKING forward to your new endeavors…exciting for us anyway! I agree with Kathy, after 12 military moves…pack boxes of bathroom kitchen and sleeping stuff you will need when arriving at your destination and for the next morning. might have a pan or two..coffee pot etc. Take with you , pack them FIRST in the car, so they don’t get mixed up with other boxes. I also took time to mark each box in detail, yes time consuming but makes it sooo easy to find that ONE thing..i also marked each box with NUMBERS along with the room they were going to, and just directed the guys to take to room 3..i had numbers on EACH DOOR so they wouldn’t get mixed up after drinking too much incentive! How exciting for you, we need new challenges to keep us stimulated don’t we? I am waiting for my turn! Still waiting…… huggers to you!

    • Hey, Bernice. Thank you for sticking with me for a good long while. 🙂 To answer your questions:
      2. Yep, one lamp in the living room. We actually rarely even sit in the living room, but I like lots of light and turn on the lights on the ceiling fan whenever I’m in there.
      3. I had to laugh at that question. I rarely do anything to the floors. Mostly just sweep (or vacuum with my stick vac), then very occasionally mop. It doesn’t really take very long to mop the whole downstairs. I used to dry them with a towel as well, but I have gotten over that. 😛
      Thanks for the tips, especially about numbering the boxes and the rooms. I’ll have to remember that.
      Hugs right back to you! 🙂

  17. Sheila, your home is move in ready, as well as, magazine ready! It looks lovely! You have really been a busy girl! I love the details you have added without making it look cluttered! Your hardwood floors really sparkle! Your home shouldn’t be on the market long! You have done an amazing job of staging it! Sending preayers for a quick sale!

  18. Sheila, what a beautiful home! I love the colors and decor, just lovely! Prayers for a quick sale! Ours in on the market too, I know what you are dealing with, the hurry up and wait in on!


  19. What a beautiful home Sheila, I especially LUV your wood floors,
    and lucky you to have two fire places!
    –I’m sure someone is going to snap this up very quickly! Can’t wait to see your coming posts on “creative-small-space-living” that you discover in your TEMP-home. I just know you’re going to become the master with some ingenious tricks!

  20. Sheila:
    your home is beautiful – prayers for a super quick sale!!
    get some boxes & pack up your linen closet & dining room this week!!
    then get more boxes & pack up kitchen !! use your fabric stash as wrapping!!!!
    Wish I could help you—-check with newspapers for their end runs of newsprint.
    love, sallie

  21. You have a beautiful home, Sheila! I think this is the most I have seen of it and I love it. Even the exterior is gorgeous ~ love all those gables. I’m sure it will sell in no time.

    Tips ~ do a little bit of packing every day. Start with things you don’t need to have out like books and seasonal/holiday items. This is assuming you’ve already gone through everything and either thrown it out, donated it or given it away. I worked by room and labeled each box with that room name. Keep one box for what you will be looking for right away once you do move like coffee, tea, mugs, napkins, paper plates, plastic forks, etc. this way that first morning you have it all at hand. Bring that one with you in the car, as well as other things you want to keep close to hand. We packed our Ford Explorer totally full and had our Husky in the back, too.

    • Thank you, Kathy. I haven’t shown much of the house before because it usually a disaster.
      Thank you for the packing tips- I do need to just get started, don’t I? First step will be to find some boxes.

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