Headboard from a Garden Trellis

Hey, guys! Do you have dark furniture that you would really like to lighten up, but it’s family stuff? You know, not quite heirlooms, but could still cause heart attacks if you went near it with a paint brush? Yeah, that stuff. Well, sorry, got no solution for you- ha!

Actually I do, sort of- put it in the basement and hope your kids will pick it up soon for their starter homes. We’ve had this bedroom set for many years, originally belonged to Richard’s grandparents. It has been used in our daughter’s room through many moves.


Dark bedroom furniture


Now that both kiddos are moved out and [too] far away, I have two guest rooms that are pretty much neglected. This room is dark and the dark furniture doesn’t help matters. Remember the paint brush/ heart attack problem? Couldn’t go there.

Soooo, a few months back, I came across garden trellises at Hobby Lobby at 50% off.  I needed 3 trellises to fit the width of the full size bed. They went into the closet for a couple of months because I didn’t have a bed frame. Yay, I found one at my neighbor’s yard sale a couple of weeks ago. Thanks, neighbor.

To make a long story short not quite so long, I used picture hanger wire to strap the three trellises together, wrapped some clear tape around the wire so it wouldn’t scratch the wall (or someone’s head), and propped my little masterpiece against the wall.


After Trellis Headboard


Trellis headboard closeup


It’s a little taller than the original headboard, so the painting of my daughter doesn’t fit over the bed any more. Any suggestions for that space over the headboard? Or maybe I should hang the trellises on the wall, a little higher?

I’ll give you a mini-tour of the room tomorrow since this is running so long already.

UPDATE: Hanging the Garden Trellis Headboard





One Artsy Mama


  1. I love this idea. You could even wrap a little grapevine greenery on the trellis.

  2. Angie Williams says:

    Beautiful idea,….but I would try hanging them higher…Give it a very tall headboard…You can always put it back if you don’t like it…OR leave it where it is and find 2-3 pictures you really like and match the colors, frame them or buy them framed, hang them side by side…Beautiful idea…

  3. Colleen Heinsohn says:

    Some silk wisteria.

  4. I think the trellis headboard is a super idea and looks great too. It makes a big difference in the room.

  5. Cheryl C. says:

    maybe try a dried flower arrangement such as a eucalyptus swag with some light purple flowers in it. or silk flowers like lilacs

  6. LOVE it!!!

  7. i think it would look great hung higher on the way

    cute idea

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