Frosty Purple Christmas Wreath

We moved the placement of the Christmas tree from the living room to the keeping room this year. To help add a little more holiday cheer in the living room, I created a frosty purple Christmas wreath for the mirror, using just three elements: an 18 inch pine wreath, a frosty candle ring, and purple ribbon. I know it isn’t for everyone, but I love purple, even in Christmas decorating.


Purple Christmas Wreath |


I attached the candle ring to the wreath by twisting pieces of the greenery around it here and there. Same thing with the ribbon. So simple, and easy to change on a whim. I hung it on the mirror with  a removable sticky hook. (You can see the mantel all decked out for Christmas in the reflection. You can also catch a glimpse of the tree in the keeping room.)


Frosty Purple Wreath |


You saw the living room disaster last time, so in the same spirit of keeping things real, check out the reflection from this angle (sorry about the huge nighttime shadows):


Purple Christmas Wreath on Mirror |


That black square in the reflection is our tv. And yes, it sits in front of a picture.We rearranged the furniture a few days weeks ago, and for some reason, things on the walls don’t automatically move when the furniture is moved. huh. Someone should make an app for that.

Sorry for the rabbit trail, goes with my dust bunnies…. Anywho, one thing I like about this wreath is that I can use it all winter long.


Purple Wreath |


Do any of your Christmas decorations work for the entire winter season?



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  1. I love it! It’s so pretty. Furniture moving app I like it!
    If you’re a fan of purple wait until I get into Elizabeths room she wants purple.

    Merry Christmas Sheila xoxox

  2. Love the purple and silver Advent color combination :).

  3. Sheila, I love this wreath! I love the idea of things working for more than one season too! My mom always decorated seasonally and now I have started. It’s fun, but can be expensive and time consuming. Great ideas- thanks for sharing!

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