Footboard Wall Hanging with French Graphic

You may think it’s weird that I bought a footboard and didn’t buy the headboard. Well, I had a reason, sort of, convoluted though it may be. But first, let me show you what I did with it- a footboard wall hanging with French graphic.


Footboard Wall Hanging with French Graphic |


You see, I recently went to a new-to-me thrift store, where they have the shopping carts engineered to NOT fit through the doors. Must be some dastardly shopping cart thieves in that ‘hood. Not sure why the headboard and footboard were priced separately, but I couldn’t carry both pieces to my car and I liked the shape of the footboard better anyway, so I bought the smaller piece.

Here’s what it looked like originally. I love those finials, can’t decide if they look like acorns or beehives. Will have to use those in another project.


Footboard |


I used a square to mark my cut lines.


Footboard Wall Hanging- marking cut lines |


Richard made the first cut and finally relented and let me make the second cut. I don’t know why he gets nervous about me and power tools- maybe because I can’t operate a glue gun without second degree burns? Nah, that can’t be it.

Actually, I was a little nervous about it myself. I haven’t used a skill saw before, but using a cordless saw was less nerve wracking since it isn’t as loud or powerful. As you can see from this posed picture (Richard was too nervous to take pics while I was possibly dismembering myself), I used safety glasses and ear protection. My cut was a little wobbly, but nothing a little sand paper couldn’t fix.


Footboard Wall Hanging- cutting off the legs |


I removed the piece of wood screwed into the center of the footboard, sanded, primed, then painted with my favorite General Finishes Milk Paint in Snow White. Apparently I forgot to take pictures after the excitement of the big cut. 

I transferred the French typography from Graphics Fairy onto the board, sanded it here and there to give a worn look, then sealed with a couple of coats of clear acrylic spray. I added a couple of hooks to the back, tied a satin rope to the hooks, and voila!


Footboard Wall Hanging |


What do you think? Should I add some hooks across the bottom to use as a coat or towel rack? Or leave as is? Oh, by the way, I decided to go back to the thrift store to get the headboard, but of course, it was gone.




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  1. I love it, Sheila! I’d have done the same thing. It’s got to be something I can carry myself {because I then have to get it into my house myself} but it’s got to fit inside the car. I like it as is right now, but I’d say live with it and see if you have a need for the hooks.
    Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions recently posted..Makeovers In The Works

  2. Sheila, I love this! You did an amazing job re-purposing this headboard! I wouldn’t add a thing. It’s gorgeous!
    Betsy(@coastal-colors) recently posted..Thanksgiving Prayer [Woodworker’s Tool Transfer]

  3. Great idea! So inventive – I love it as a wall hanging or with hooks for more storage.
    Morgan recently posted..Curb Appeal: Transforming the Side Yard, Part 4

  4. What a great idea Shelia! I nned to find a headboard or a footboard….or maybe both! And the picture of you is so cute!

    Have a blessed and wonderful day!
    Thistle recently posted..Fall and Folk Magazine

  5. Go figure, it would be gone Shiela:) I love the way it turned out. I like the idea of hooks too. I say live it with it a week or two and see how you like it without. Thanks for sharing.

  6. That’s beautiful, I’d leave it as is
    Mel recently posted..PONG – How Fitting!

  7. I love the French look Sheila. You did a great job transforming an ordinary piece of furniture into something more modern and beautiful. That’s crazy the shopping carts didn’t fit through the doors at the thrift shop. It all worked out in the end, though 🙂

  8. Love it as is! I did the same thing with a headboard…just love the size and character. Your sign is beautiful!
    Roeshel recently posted..DIY upholstered tufted ottoman tutorial {Wayfair DIY Challenge}

  9. You did a great job here and there is no need to add some hooks across the bottom to use as a coat or towel rack. So leave it as is…
    Emma Briggs recently posted..Interactive Touchscreen Table: Bring Your Home or Office into the Digital Age

  10. your sign is fantastic! great job. A towel rack might a clever use of it or just as it is.

  11. Pssst. I’m including a link back in my party highlights. 😉
    Roeshel recently posted..3rd Annual DIY Holiday Highlight Party #1

  12. Amazing Sheila! I really love the French look. I just wonder how do you transfer the graphic to the furniture?

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