Faux Bricks Using Drywall Mud

Last time I left you with the disaster in Patti’s and my booths as we freshened up the walls with paint. Patti came up with the idea to dress up the fireplace wall with faux bricks using drywall mud and a level. I was a tad nervous, but she had already used this technique on her own kitchen back splash.


Faux Brick Fireplace with Drywall Mud | PlumDoodles.com


Since she was the expert, I was more than willing to let her create the brick. Plus, it’s super messy. I don’t mind cleaning up dirt and grime when working on a project, but I can’t handle sticky messes.

Step 1:

Trowel drywall mud onto about 1/3 of the fireplace wall.


Creating Brick Wall Treatment with Drywall Mud | PlumDoodles.com


Step 2:

Start creating mortar lines using a level as a guide. First the horizontal lines- Patti simply ran her finger along the length of the level.


Faux mortar lines in drywall mud | PlumDoodles.com


Step 3:

Make the vertical lines by flipping the level 90 degrees and again running your finger along the side. Offset the bricks so that every other row lines up.


How to Create Faux Bricks from Drywall Mud | PlumDoodles.com


It would have taken me weeks to create the bricks because I would have had to wash up after every swipe of the finger.


Create faux bricks with drywall mud and level | PlumDoodles.com


Repeat until the entire fireplace wall is covered. Patti finished creating the faux brick, then we let it dry overnight before painting. I’ll show you the easy and less messy paint technique next time.

UPDATED TO ADD: the painted brick how-to.

Tell me- do you mind sticky gooey hands? Your own, not your kid’s. Smile




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  1. Looks very nice.

    I was wondering: is there any such thing as colored drywall mud? What you’ve created here is perfect if you want white bricks/white mortar. What if you’re going for a traditional, dull-red expose brick look?

  2. My invention does all your brick work! Brickbratz.com

  3. Love love this! Does Patti have a picture of her kitchen backsplash?? I’d love to see it!

  4. love this! looks messy but doable!!

  5. Sheila,

    Great job, I never thought of doing this project and it turned out beautifully. Stick hands are just a part of doing DIY and sign that you’re a busy bee. Just don’t let the joint compound dry-LOL. Then you’d be in some trouble.


  6. Did you have any cracking across the mud? I use joint compound with other materials to prevent cracking and it works beautifully, but this would be easier. What about the thin”ness” of drywall mud…did you all thicken it up for this project?

  7. I am planning a brick wall in our bedroom. I was going to use sheets of faux brick. I may have to try this instead.

  8. That looks like quite a labor of love! What a creative project!

  9. Wow! I love the look of the finished “bricks!” That is so clever the way y’all used the level! I will definitely be pinning this for future use. Do I do sticky?! Hmmm, depends how bad I want something! I probably would if I had the need for faux bricks….. This could save you a ton of $$ on something like an outdoor fireplace! I could see faux painting it! Thanks for a great tutorial! 🙂

  10. That looks really interesting! I’m about to look at it painted. And no, I DON’T do sticky! (My mom doesn’t either!)

  11. Gorgeous!! I love sticky hands! I can never have painted nails…but I still try! XOXO, Erica

  12. I love this idea! I don’t mind most messes. I don’t think this one would have bothered me. I love the brick! It’s a great project! I’m pinning it now! Thanks for the great tutorial!

  13. Wow! I never knew this was possible! Very clever!

  14. Wow that’s a clever idea, I have never seen anything like that before. I hate sticky hands I hate the feeling of it and funny Madeleine is the same, she can be filthy all over but she always wants me to wash her hands.

    • My mom told me once that when I was learning how to feed myself, I would pick up the food with my hand, then fuss for her to wipe my hand after every bite. So it is probably not going to ever change for me. 🙂

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