Entry Table and Lamp Shade Update

I have wanted to update the lamp shade on our entry table lamp for awhile now. I considered a few possibilities: embellish the old shade with fabric flowers, maybe something like the trash can lamp shade; recover the old shade with a different fabric; stencil a design like the peek-a-boo lamp shade I did a couple of years ago. So, what did I do?


Lamp Makeover with New Shade- PlumDoodles.com


I came across a shade at Ross for $5, which made it an easy decision- no work necessary. This shade was a good size, so I didn’t need to make any adjustments. However, I wanted to show you a little trick if your shade isn’t quite the right size.

You can get different size harps, which will raise or lower the shade on your lamp. Yes, I hoard lamp parts, too.


Updated Lamp Harps- PlumDoodles.com


Here is what my lamp would look like with the taller harp.


How to Update a Lamp with New Shade- PlumDoodles.com


Simply putting the shorter harp on it makes it just right.


Updated Lamp with Lamp Shade- PlumDoodles.com


Updating the lamp shade motivated me to deChristmas-ize the entry table. More hydrangeas and a little ironstone pitcher under a cloche have me dreaming of spring.


Hydrangea Ironstone Pitcher Cloche- PlumDoodles.com


What is your favorite way to update your lamps? Have you ever had trouble getting just the right size shade?




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  1. What a great shade, Sheila! It really updates your lamp! Thanks for the great tip on keeping harps! When I had a booth and remade lamps and I always needed a harp, shade or final. I love painting lamps to update them. I still have three to paint now in a bedroom I’m updating. Have a great weekend!

  2. Great tip on the harp sizes, Sheila! It is a good thing you hoard lamp parts. : ) I am going to update the lampshades in our living room, but I’m going to recover them.

  3. Aha! I didn’t know about different height harps, so as I am reading your post, I looked at my lamps, and yes I need a shorter harp on one of them! I thought I just needed a bigger/longer shade, but I cant find them bigger, at a price I want to pay anyway. I really like your shade, and I like the hydrangea very much. Yes, I am dreaming of spring also. We have not had a very bad winter especially compared to many, but then , it is early January, so anything can happen.

  4. Yes…always looking for great shades…and you certainly found a beautiful one…thanks for the harp tip..never thought to change them out!! .. Have a great weekend!

  5. I had a modern lamp with a glass tulip type shade and a bronzedc olored base. I found a perfect plain white lamp shade on the side of the road that someone was throwing away. I bought a small harp, the kind that clamps onto the bulb, and I recovered my shade with burlap so that it is all wrinkly, and tied some lace around it. I think it looks like a gramma’s hat, but I love it!

  6. The entry way is so pretty and bright. I have an empty old vanity in our entryway, and I need some inspiration to decorate it! Thanks for giving me some! 🙂

  7. It looks beautiful, we don’t have those harp things on our lamps they’re completely different.

  8. Love the new lamp shade and harp tips and the candle is a perfect match too.

  9. Very pretty. I’m always on the hunt for special shades especially the ones that don’t cost a fortune.

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