Easy Strip Quilted Christmas Stockings

Hey! Have you tried the basic Christmas stocking yet?  My favorite fabric so far has been Hooty Owl Candy in pink/ chartreuse. I made several Christmas stockings from it and had bits and pieces left over. I just couldn’t throw away those cute little guys, so I strip quilted them onto another stocking.

First, you need to cut out your basic Christmas stocking pattern (see DIY Christmas Stockings- the basics). Cut the front from a solid color that will coordinate with your strips of fabric. I used white for this one. Cut the back from one of your coordinating fabrics. I chose the black/white dots. Set aside the back for now. Arrange strips of your leftover fabrics on top of the front stocking piece. This won’t be exact, just enough to give you an idea what pieces you will need to work with.



Set aside all pieces except one of the center ones, doesn’t matter which one. I started with the owl pattern. Lay the next strip on top of this piece, face down, edges even. Stitch into place, using 1/4 inch seam allowance.



Flip open and press.



Continue doing this until you reach the edge of your backing, then go in the other direction, starting at your first piece again.



Always make sure your strip will cover the entire section of backing when it’s flipped open. Oops!



A seam ripper is your friend when you’re sewing!!!



After stitching the last strip into place, turn to the back side and trim the strips even with the backing.



Turn back to the front and, if desired, add a toe patch. Just lay it in the desired position, right sides together, and stitch just like the other pieces. Flip open, press and trim.



Now,  you’ll just follow the directions in the basic stocking tutorial for attaching the back, the ribbon hanger and the cuff.

I decided to add another owl from my scraps to the cuff. The easiest way is to glue it into place using fabric glue. I pinned mine into place and stitched around it using a zigzag stitch. ***If stitching, do so BEFORE stitching the cuff to the stocking!***  Isn’t he adorable???



Finished, ready to fill and hang!



Hanging with the basic one we did yesterday:



Would you use fabrics to match your everyday decor or do you prefer traditional colors for Christmas?






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  1. TOO cute! I love owls! You did a great job…thanks so much for sharing such an adorable project at Shine On Fridays!

  2. This is nicole from Colie’s Kitchen I am a new follower via feedburner!!

  3. I’ve been wanting to make stockings for a while now, thank you for the encouragement. I love how you pieced yours together with such a fun array of fabrics.

    Happy Thanksgiving!

    : )

    Julie M.

  4. I wish I could sew, so that I could do fun projects like this! I love it. I would really love it if you would post this in the Christmas Spirit Link Party that I am hosting over at http://shabbytochicdesigns.com/?p=369



  5. I love it! Soooo- cute! It’s a perfect companion for the other stocking!

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