Easy Interchangeable Beach Themed Vase Cuff

Helloooo! How are ya? I have been working on a project that I won’t be able to share with you until next week. In the meantime, I made a quick little crafty item to use in a vignette for the project that I can’t share with you yet. Whew, that was a mouthful. Let’s get to it, an easy beach themed vase cuff.


Easy Beach Themed Vase | PlumDoodles.com


This was so simple, pretty much the same way I cover candles with music pages. I cut a strip of aqua scrapbook paper to the width I wanted. The length was determined by wrapping the strip around the vase and trimming just enough to leave a little overlap.  I hot glued the paper to itself along the overlap instead of onto the glass so it would be easier to change on a whim. ‘Cause I like whims.

Same for the drop cloth fabric strip, just cut a little narrower, but I glued the first end to the paper to hold everything together. This scrap was left over from when I was making tassels from fabric strips and bottle caps.

Ok, then I wrapped jute twine around the vase three times, gluing the ends down. I had an extra bit of overlap, so instead of trimming it, I glued it into a little swirl. Just because.


How to Assemble a Beach Themed Vase | PlumDoodles.com


And glued a cute little seashell on top. I know, it’s the back, but don’t you like to look good from the backside, too?


Back of Beach Themed Vase | PlumDoodles.com


A starfish glued to the front completes this easy beach themed vase.


Starfish Vase | PlumDoodles.com


Add fresh flowers or a candle nestled in a bed of sand. The interchangeable part? If you get tired of a beach themed vase cuff, just slide the whole thing off and start over!

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  1. Such a cute way to dress up candle holders! Thanks for sharring!

  2. Sheila, this is adorable! You know I love coastal decor! Thanks for sharing for to make this! The sisal twine is a perfect addition!

  3. Love it, very beachy and I should know I’m looking at the ocean right now 🙂

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