DIY Round Chair Cushions Made Simple

The front entry should not only be welcoming, but also relate to the inside of the house. I wanted to add a little color to our bistro set, and what better way than diy round chair cushions made simple.

Round bistro cushions-


When Online Fabric Store offered to send me some fabric, this seemed like the perfect project for trying one of their Premier Prints. In keeping with the decor inside the house, I chose a purple print- Ozbourne Wisteria Twill.


Bistro Chair Cushions using Ozbourne Wisteria Twill-


I needed 15-inch diameter round chair cushions, so I ordered inserts that I  could cut down to 15-inch circles. I originally planned to use covered buttons, but later decided against them.


Cushion insert-


Round cushion insert-


It took a bit of trial and error to determine how big to cut the fabric circles so that the inserts fit snugly. I ended up with 17 1/2 inch diameter circles, which includes 1/4 inch seam allowances. That squished the inserts just a bit, which is what I wanted so that everything was snug and smooth. You’ll need at least a nine-inch opening to be able to add this size insert.

TIP: To get the inserts into the opening, fold the insert in half and carefully work into the pillow.


Cushion Insert trick-


Adjust as needed so that the seams line up along the center of the sides. Hand sew the opening closed. Check out my previous post on how to sew an invisible seam.


Bistro Chair Cushions-


A cheery welcome to our front porch. Smile


How to Make Round Bistro Chair Cushions-


Other possibilities for making a round chair cushion would be to add a gathered strip of fabric around the sides, maybe in a contrasting color or print; cording trim along the seam; a covered button in the center. Because of the stress and craziness of packing and cleaning, I decided to keep it simple. Would you add a button? Some other embellishment?





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  1. Geneviève Boisjoli says:

    How much fabric did you use?

  2. thats very pretty fabric the chair covers look beautiful!

  3. Such a wonderful and delicate color and pattern. Great, simple idea.

  4. Love the new fabric! Thanks for the tips, pinned for later 🙂

  5. So lovely. I love the lilac color with the black chairs.

  6. Amy Anderson says:

    I agree with everyone else, they look great! Pretty fabric!

  7. Love them! great job Sheila!

  8. That fabric is so your style! I like you tip on how to get the insert inside the cover. Your porch looks very welcoming, Sheila. Beautiful job!

  9. They look great the way they are Sheila! I love the pattern you chose! Great job!

  10. Love them Sheila, I really don’t think I’d do anything differently, looks awesome!

  11. I think these look marvelous just the way they are! Your little spot you’ve created seems like an ideal place to have a cup of coffee and meet the day! Love the color and print of the fabric you selected! (I’m doing a project with Online Fabric Store, too, but it’s not finished!!!)

  12. I love these, Sheila! I would leave them as they are. What a wonderful addition to your porch; I love the punch of color!

  13. Very pretty, Sheila! The simpler the better right now what with everything you have going on. : )

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