DIY Polka Dot Bud Vases

You know how sometimes you look at an ordinary little thing and think, “I can use that for an awesome project?”


Handpainted Bud Vases-


So you gather your supplies and get to work, fully expecting it to go so very smoothly?


Prep Bud Vases for Painting-


But then reality bursts your happy bubble?

And you realize maybe, just maybe you should have tested how sticky those hole reinforcement thingies are before you use them as stencils?


DIY Handpainted Vases fail-


Visions of perfectly round, perfectly arranged dots peel away along with the stickers and the paint. Time for the old tried and true- wing it!

Dip a new pencil eraser in multi-surface paint and dot onto the vase.


Easy Handpainted Bud Vase-


Create smaller dots with the handle end of an artist paint brush. Or anything with a small rounded end.


DIY Polka Dot Vase-


Combine large and small polka dots because you can’t think of anything else to do with that last $1 bud vase.


DIY Handpainted Vase- Large and Small Dots-


Set them on a shelf for 21 days because that’s how long the directions on the bottle of paint say to let it cure.


Polka Dot Bud Vases-


Quick and easy, yep. Winking smile

Which vase do you like best? Have you had any “bright ideas” that didn’t go as imagined?






  1. Always, Sheila! : ) I can envision things in my mind, it is just getting it out of there and into reality. I think this was a cute idea. I always worry about the stickers not coming off with the stenciling by sticking letters on things technique. I would be the one where the letters would not come off!

    Have a great week!

  2. I like the vase on the far left the best.

  3. I have had the same thing happen! I can sympathize with you. You turned this disaster into a little jewel though! I love the bud vases- too cute! Thanks for sharing this awesome idea! Have a great week!

  4. hee hee hee heee I am still laughing! You are soo real! Too funny! Actually I like all three of them together, they are not matchy matchy, but fit nicely together.

  5. Adorable!…I need to add some polka dot decor to my granddaughter’s room…a great project!

  6. They still turned out well. I actually liked them. Today I have a post dedicated to disasters

  7. Your bottles turned out cute.

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