DIY Lamp Makeover with Peek-a-boo Lamp Shade

There has been a whole lot of lamp swapping going on around here. Which led to a diy lamp makeover with peek-a-boo lamp shade for our living room. Remember the quickie lamp makeover I did using a map shade I found at a thrift store? That lamp base was originally in our living room, but with the makeover, was moved to the front guest bedroom.

I moved the lamp that was originally in that bedroom to the living room, but the style just wasn’t right for the space. Still with me?

While thrifting, I found a base that I thought would work (with a few modifications, of course). Here’s a sneak peek at the “after.”


DIY Lamp Makeover with Peek-a-Boo Lampshade| Plum Doodles


How to Makeover a Ceramic Lamp Base

The lamp base was originally light gray-blue, not a bad color, but not quite what I had in mind for this space. The brass stem and socket were somewhat pitted, so I spray painted them with Rustoleum in satin black.


DIY Lamp Makeover with Peek-a-Boo Lampshade- Lamp base before| Plum Doodles


After cleaning the base, I sprayed it with primer, then rolled and brushed on two coats of General Finishes Milk Paint in Snow White. I had planned on using spray paint for this step as well, but had no white in my stash. After the second coat dried, I did my usual brown glaze. Because I’m lazy there wouldn’t be much wear and tear on the lamp, I decided not to add a clear coat.


DIY Lamp Makeover with Peek-a-Boo Lampshade- Lamp base after painting| Plum Doodles



How to Make a Peek-a-boo Lamp Shade

Now for the shade. I mentioned a lot of lamp swapping going on- well, the lamps in our master bedroom were mysteriously replaced when Kirkland’s had a lamp sale. I used one of the shades from the old lamps for this base.

For a little peek-a-boo surprise, I added a bird stencil to the inside of the shade. To determine the location of the stencil, I turned on the lamp and taped the stencil into place inside the shade.


DIY Lamp Makeover with Peek-a-Boo Lamp Shade- Lining up stencil on lampshade| Plum Doodles


After removing the shade, I painted the stencil with white paint so the design wouldn’t show through the shade when the lamp is off. The paint bled under the stencil, so I had to touch it up a bit.


DIY Lamp Makeover with Peek-a-Boo Lamp Shade- Stencil inside lamp shade| Plum Doodles


Not quite finished. The rust-colored edging had to go, so I covered it with a white ruffly trim. I like the contrasting textures of the linen shade and the satin trim.


DIY Lamp Makeover with Peek-a-Boo Lamp Shade- Add Trim to Lampshade| Plum Doodles


Oh, there is another little surprise on the side of the shade- I added a butterfly from the same stencil. (I had masked it off while stenciling the front of the shade.)


DIY Lamp Makeover with Peek-a-Boo Lamp Shade-Butterfly stencil inside lampshade| Plum Doodles


DIY Lamp Makeover with Peek-a-Boo Lamp Shade| Plum Doodles




DIY Lamp Makeover with Peek-a-Boo Lamp Shade| Plum Doodles


And that’s it for my diy lamp makeover with peek-a-boo lamp shade. Does the base seem too plain- should I add anything to it?



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  1. I’m so excited to have this lamp in my bedroom now! I love it!

  2. So cute Sheila! I love it :).

  3. So pretty, you could try using mod podge first then paint to help, some swear by it, I’ve had mixed results. You’d never know you had trouble though it’s simply beautiful

  4. Came over from your comment. You used the same stencil I used her

    I never thought of a shade – thanks for tip about using white paint! I love the bird!

  5. very pretty and sweet!


  6. dragongirl says:

    loved this so much and pinned it. I’m definitely going to look for a nice stencil and try this on my boring lamp in my bedroom! Thanks for being so creative and sharing with us!

  7. Love the bird!!! Too cute, and I think I am going to have to try that on a few of my “dull” shades. Thanks for sharing. 🙂

  8. well allllllrighty.. I see so many lamp shade makeovers but this one I am in awe of~!! I absolutely adore what you have created.

    applause applause.. its fabulous~!!

  9. That is so stinkin cute. I have that stencil too. Not to mention I love lamp embellishments and stenciling of all kinds. This was super Sheila!

  10. I’m confused [easily done]… you painted the inside of the lampshade?
    That is so cool! Not to mention it must have been hard to do [ie neatly, accurately].
    I LOVE the result!

    • Thanks, Angela! Yeah, the paint is on the inside. I did have a bit of trouble because the fabric is a little springy on the inside of the shade, so the paint bled a little. I just used a small art brush to touch up the edges.

  11. Very pretty, Sheila! I like how you can’t see it when the light is off and then what a nice surprise when you turn it on.

  12. This is such a cute idea! I love both! I have never tried to stencil a shade! You’ve inspired me! It’s such a nice touch! Another great idea! Thanks for sharing it!

  13. That is so cute! You are one talented lady! Love your blog and great ideas.

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