DIY Faux Bricks- Paint

Ok, we left off last time waiting for the faux bricks made from drywall mud to dry. As promised, the paint steps are oh, so much less messy.


Faux Brick Fireplace Wall |


A reminder of where we were last time:


Faux Brick Fireplace with Drywall Mud |



3 or 4 sample jar paint colors- we used Behr.

3-inch foam rollers- one for each paint color


Faux Brick Paint Supplies |


The paint colors:


Faux Brick Paint Colors |


Painting the Faux Brick:

Roll a small amount of the lightest color onto a sponge roller, then onto each brick. Use a light touch- you don’t want solid coverage.


DIY Brick- First Paint Color |


Randomly add the next darker color, covering less area than the previous paint layer.


Faux Brick- 2nd Paint Layer |


Time to choose the bricks to which you want to add the accent color. I chickened out at this point and let Patti decide which ones to paint red. Then add the darkest color very sparsely over all the bricks.


DIY Brick- 3rd and 4th Paint Layer |


Keep playing with the paint colors, adding layers until you are satisfied with the look.


DIY Bricks with Drywall Mud Painted |


We also painted the closed off fireplace opening with General Finishes Milk Paint in Lamp Black. I wanted to experiment with Milk Paint to see if it would work as a chalkboard. It worked perfectly- no need for special chalkboard paint.


Chalkboard Fireplace with Milk Paint |


What do you think?


Faux Brick Fireplace- Paint How-to |


Would you attempt diy faux brick in your home? If so, where?

Next time, one more fun little project and the full room reveal.




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  1. I love this. I keep seeing people using those brick panels and was going to go that route on my soffits in my kitchen. But this way would be so much easier than cutting those to fit and probably cheaper. Thank you for confirming I was on the right track with joint compound in my mind.

  2. Jackie Johnson says:

    This is awesome
    I’m going to try this on a wall in basement

  3. I’m going to be doing a whole wall like this to mach a real brick wall I already have, I’m starting tomorrow!

  4. cheri husson says:

    Blew my mind. How awesome. I will try this.

  5. OMG this is CRAZY Sheila!!! i am amazed! featuring you tonight!

  6. Great job Sheila! It looks awesome!

  7. Wow! This looks cool! Ive been wanting to try this for a long time,thanks so much for the inspiration!

  8. That looks great, Sheila.

  9. That is just AMAZING – ( had to go back to see how this was done 🙂
    Can’t believe how easy you make this look lol – I know it can’t be
    Beautiful job!!!
    Visiting from FJI !

  10. Sheila, your brick wall turned out super cool! Great tutorial, both on the painting and the faux texture! ~ Amy

  11. I LOVE it! It looks so good!!!

  12. This is fantastic! Why don’t you come over & do a wall in my house? 😉

  13. Oh my gosh Sheila, this looks so amazing! I’m thinking about all the possibilities of this. If we ever make our porch into a sunroom, I can see us creating a faux fireplace! It really looks amazing!

  14. Beautiful, Sheila! This project seems so intricate, bu you make it easy enough for anyone to tackle! Thanks for sharing.

  15. That looks neat. Just wondering if it will crack and fall off. If that starts do you damage the wall trying to get the rest off?????

    • Good question, Pam. It shouldn’t fall off since it’s drywall mud, made for use on walls. It isn’t applied so thickly that weight would be an issue. It’s possible that it might crack just like drywall seams crack, but I would think you could patch it in the same way.

  16. The brick wall looks fantastic…y’all did a great job! I’m so impressed!

  17. This looks great! Wow!!! I really love it! Thanks for a great tutorial on painting these. I really don’t have a place to try this, but I love the idea! I can’t wait to see the room completed!

  18. Wait?! What??! How did you do the plaster part????? This looks amazing. I need to see how you did the bricks. OMIGOSH!

  19. Wow it relly does look real! I have lived in brick houses with brick interior walls so I wouldn’t do full wall but I like the idea for a mantle fun!

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