How to Decorate a Front Porch for Fall

Hello, again! I’m back with another blog tour- this time, we have a group of ladies sharing how to decorate a front porch for fall. I don’t do a lot of decorating for the changing seasons, but I do like to change out the décor on the front door.


Fall wreath-


As you can see, I still have the scroll thingy on the door. I love just attaching different arrangements to it for a quick new look.

Here are the other looks this scroll has received:

This wreath started out as a dusty Christmas wreath found at a thrift store (where else?), complete with raggedy, balding styrofoam berries. I hosed it clean, yanked off the berries, and added rattan balls and a burlap bow. It still looks a little Christmas-y, but I think it also works for fall. Simply add a few ornaments closer to Christmas for a super-quick makeover.


Fall Front Porch- Add rattan balls to wreath- wm


One key to making a room porch look cohesive is to add similar elements throughout the space. I added rattan balls to the bistro table.


Fall front porch- bistro table vignette- wm


And also beside the flower pot.


Fall Front Porch flower pot-


I brought the look into the flower pot with bits of swirly grapevine salvaged from a wreath. Curly willow branches also add to the natural “woodsy” look. I love the feathery asparagus fern, and of course I had to add a touch of purple with the pansies. I hope they can survive my forgetfulness….


Fall Front Porch- Pansies and Asparagus Fern-


Our front porch is small, so I don’t like to add to much to it.


Fall front porch- wm


Plus, I’m lazy and cheap, so I like to decorate as much as possible without spending more money.

Oh, and I have a bonus tip for you- don’t use your car to “trim” your bushes. It does a terrible job and then you have to figure out ways to hide the damage. A rock and some asters just don’t do much to hide the gaping wound, do they? Yeah, I’m a lousy backer-upper. ~sigh~


Asters and Fresh mulch- PlumDoodles wm



What is your favorite thing about fall? Or is there another time of year more to your liking?







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  1. Sheila!! I just adore your wreath. Your porch is beautiful!


  2. Beautiful, so beautiful, great tip on not using the car to trim the garden, lol…oh no

  3. And to think that wreath started out as a dusty old thrift store wreath! It looks great! So does your Fall front porch!

  4. Oooh – I love your wreath, Shelia! I really like the fact that you can easily transform it to carry you through Christmas too. Too funny about trimming your shrub with your car. Sounds like something I would do.

  5. Well it’s just perfection. I love the wreath Sheila, so pretty!

  6. Beautiful job! I love all the natural colors you used, it looks fantastic!

  7. Your porch is the perfect example that you don’t have to use traditional Fall colors for a lovely, inviting welcome. Of course, I happen to love curly willow and asparagus. 😉

  8. Love your porch, Sheila. It has just the right amount of decor … not overdone and not too skimpy. It’s perfect!

  9. Sheila, we’re two birds of a feather… I just like a few fall touches, here and there, implementing natural elements as much as possible. And of course, without spending money.

    I love your porch…it is very inviting.

  10. Sheila I love your porch! The wreath is beautiful and your urn is just perfect ! Your bonus tip cracked me up!!! ox

  11. Sheila, I should have known that you’d plant purple asters and pansies! I love how you added those twig branches to the pot with the asparagus fern. I’m getting extra mileage out of the garland around our front door just like you are out of your wreath. Our garland has been up almost a year. I just add and subtract for the seasons!

  12. So pretty Sheila!…love the wreath with all the natural elements!….and so love that form that you use!…and oh no…hope the car did not get damaged too!…Have a great weekend!

  13. What gorgeous fall touches! Lovely porch! Have a great weekend and thanks for sharing.

  14. Beautiful wreathe! And the asters do a wonderful job of hiding the hedge gap :), I didn’t even notice until you pointed it out! Hope your car is okay.

  15. Gorgeous porch! I absolutely love your planter. I searched high and low for one I really loved and couldn’t find one.

  16. I love simple Fall decor Sheila and yours is perfect!! Hey! I had a bush like that too at our previous house! I am trying NOT to replicate it at the new house LOL!

  17. What a fantastic idea to add a Christmas wreath for filler! I love Your Fall vignettes! Your grapevine touches are fabulous! I also love that you use purple! Oops, with the bush trimming! You sound like me! Thanks for letting us tour your Fall front porch!

  18. Lovely wreath! That is a good way to save on the gardener…prune with your car! So DIY!!

  19. Shelia- you cracked me up with the “how not to trim the shrubs”. I get you there. I am terrible at backing up. At our home in NC I weekly almost take out our picket fence backing out of the long driveway.
    I love the simplicity of your wreath and like you said- it can be added to and then the look changes.

  20. Love that wreath, Sheila! It’s got lots of interest. LOL, about the car trimming your bushes. Luckily, we don’t have any bushes near our driveway.

  21. I love the simple porch decorations! I also have the exact same problem with the exact same bushes by my driveway…thing is, I’ve never hit them but everyone else has! FYI, they do grow back but it takes forever 🙂 ~Sonya

  22. Gorgeous wreath! Beautiful porch!

  23. You can hardly notice your car maneuvers! Great seasonal wreath. Thanks for sharing.

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