Curtains and DIY Curtain Rods

You’re probably tired of me obsessing about the curtain dilemma in the keeping room, but I’m finished! I’ll show you the curtains, diy curtain rods and brackets, and the overall look as we make a circuit around the room. Let’s start on the wall adjoining the kitchen and laundry room. Ignore the ceiling fan chains.


Keeping Room  Curtains and DIY Rods-


I had planned on making drapes, but found these at Tuesday Morning for way cheaper than I could buy fabric. Nothing too exciting, but they work for now.

Rods and brackets were another issue price-wise. It would have cost a minimum of $30 per window for a rod, two brackets, and two finials. Sooo, we diy’ed them.

We bought unfinished wood closet rods and cut them to length. Richard created the brackets from scrap wood. For the finials, we bought unfinished “craft finials” from Lowe’s at around $3 per pair! They had an extra little diddly-do on the end that I didn’t want, so Richard cut it off and sanded smooth, then I primed and painted. I still need to fill the screw holes and touch up the paint.


DIY Rods and Brackets-


Ok, moving around the room, on the other side of the tv cabinet is the problematic corner window situation that had me sleepless in Acworth.


DIY Corner Curtain Rod-


The two windows aren’t equal distance from the corner, and there isn’t enough room for finials in the corner. Richard to the rescue again. He created this little corner curtain bracket from more scrap wood. He had to drill the small holes to access the l-brackets with the screwdriver. Not much of it shows, but I may go back and paint it to blend in with the curtains.


DIY Corner Curtain Bracket-


This picture of the last window in the keeping room shows the dilemma I had with the window frames butting up against the fireplace mantel. I didn’t want finials overhanging the fireplace area, which is why I opted for short rods.


DIY Curtain Rods- Keeping Room Makeover-


I’m thinking about adding a wide ruffle to the bottom of the panels, maybe a sheer white fabric. It may or may not happen unless I have a moment of bored insanity. Ha, like that’s going to happen. Well, the insanity part is not too improbable…. What do you think? Would a ruffle be too much?

Stay tuned Wednesday evening for a dollar store challenge and another window treatment, this time in the laundry room.

Check out these updates in the keeping room: tv standstenciled feature wall – area rug




  1. How much fabric do you need for the short rod? What is the width of your fabric panel in comparison to length of the rod?

    • We cut the rods 16 inches long (14 inches between the brackets). The curtain panels were 55 inches. It would be a matter of preference for how tightly you want them gathered on the rod. About 3x the width of the rod is good, and since most drapery material is about 54 inches wide, I’d probably just do one width of fabric.

  2. Those are awesome Sheila! Love the corner brackets, really a neat idea! Nice job.

  3. Oh the corner thing is genius. I have windows like that in my bedroom (one of the only rooms never seen on the blog) Julian made something but I much prefer this. It looks really great I don’t get sick of hearing it I love seeing the thought process and mind changes make me feel normal 😉

  4. Great job on the DIY curtain rods! These are great neutral curtains…would be fun to do some transfer images on them??

    • Hmm, ya know, that isn’t a bad idea! I thought about a stencil or some kind of painted design, but a transfer would be fun. I’ve never done a big project like that. Thanks for the suggestion! 🙂

  5. Hi Sheila..Love the simplicity and cleverness, I think they are just perfect, color, short rods …perfect! I would have done the same with the corner windows, it would have been so sad to cover them up with curtains, yet your treatment and short rods softens the space nicely. The color is soothing too, simple and elegant. However…..a ruffle? Don’t get carried away sweet lady, I don’t see a ruffle in there. naw..nope. But if you have to , just pin one on and take a picture and then look at it. Nicely done!

  6. That corner bracketry is brilliant–I’m filing that one away!
    Since I don’t often find exactly what I’m looking for and it is usually cheaper and faster to “customize” store-bought drapes by adding other fabrics—I think it’s a gREAt idea to alter yours and get just the look you want!

  7. Sheila, this looks great! Your and Richard are a fantastic team! You tackle the most difficult projects and make them look so easy! I love your new drapes! The curtain rods are fabulous too! I hope you are enjoying your new booth. It looks great! You have it filled with so many wonderful pieces!

  8. I think they look great, Sheila! Your Richard is quite handy to have around! : )

  9. Good morning,
    I have been following and enjoying Plum Doodles for a while a and just noticed this morning that you are in the
    Acworth area. You might have mentioned it before but I just saw it this morning. I too am in Acworth, near the Bentwater area, are you near me? Where was the booth that you just closed, sorry I missed that.
    Ejnoy this beautiful day that we are going to have, 60 degrees in January.

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