Create Graphic Wall Art from Tabletop

Wow, it sure has been hard to get back on schedule since Christmas. Dad fell last week and after much persuasion, finally went to the e.r.  He has a spinal compression fracture, very painful.

If you believe, as I do, that God is still in the miracle business, would you please say a prayer for him?

After coming back home from Dad’s and spending a couple of days de-stressing, I finally got myself back to work on a few projects. This weekend, I finished this graphic wall art using the top from a coffee table.


How to make graphic wall art from tabletop-


I got this little oak coffee table at a yard sale last summer. I liked the shape of the top and immediately thought of making it into a wall hanging.

I did the usual: sand lightly, prime, paint with my fave GF milk paint, graphics transfer, distress, glaze, two or three coats of varnish. This collage shows you how each step transforms the look of the tabletop. Notice how the glaze highlights the pretty curves?


How to Create Graphic Wall Art from Tabletop-


For a graphic this size, I had to have it printed in sections on three sheets of 11×17 paper. I taped the sheets together and trimmed the overlap. It’s a little tricky because you need to make sure no overlap occurs where any of the design is, but you’ll need to keep the blank overlap areas to tape together. Remember, the graphic needs to be reversed for transfers using Doodle Magic.


Wall Art Graphics for Tabletop-


Working on small sections at a time, this large graphic (from Graphics Fairy) took me almost an hour to completely transfer.  I was impatient and transferred this before letting the paint dry/cure as long as it should have. Several hours or overnight would be best. A little bubble formed next to the “d,” but fortunately, I was planning to distress, so no big deal. Popping the bubble took care of it just fine.


Tabletop Graphics-


All that is left to do is to add hangers to the back, then it will go to my booth. Speaking of my booth, I took some pics to share with you, but they were all blurry. ~sigh~ Apparently, I need a tripod at all times. I’ll try again and share when I can.

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Bear with me as I try to get a handle on all that is going on around here. Smile




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  1. Sheila I am still praying for your Dad. As usualy doodle magic has created magic. 🙂

  2. I absolutely do believe that Jesus is still in the healing business today. I stand in agreement with you and call him healed in the Name of Jesus! And, the project is simply lovely!!

  3. Praying for your dad…and hope that you find some time for yourself to take a little rest…love the coffee table top art…great idea…and I am sure it will fly out the door in your booth!…take care!!!…hope your dad is doing better!

  4. Hi, Sheila! So cute! And such a great idea to repurpose the table top as wall art!

  5. Amazing and love the choice of color and graphic. I went through a lot taking care of my parents so I know how it is.

  6. Sheila, this is so pretty! I love the graphic and your Doodle Magic makes it all look so easy! I love the fact that you can add a graphic with it on paint. I have tried so many things that remove the paint or circle with the transfer! Love the idea of using the coffee table top! Sending prayers for your sweet Dad!

  7. This looks so great, Sheila! I love it! What a great idea this would be for those tables where the base is just a mess. Love the graphic you used, too!

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