Corn Meal Graphics

My sister “adopted” a table for their church’s Mother’s Day dinner. Each table represented some aspect of water. Lynn decided to decorate her table with items associated with water mills. She enlisted my help with making mini corn meal bags and designing corn meal graphics for the bags.

Mini Corn Meal Bags-


Yes, I realize I used a wheat graphic for a corn meal bag. ~sigh~ What can I say? I love The Graphics Fairy’s grain sack graphic. I added the wording, using our maiden name, Miller- very appropriate, wouldn’t you say?

For each bag, we cut two pieces of plastic lined drop cloth fabric, approximately 4 x 6 inches each,  and sewed around three sides, using the existing hem for the top. We used a plastic lined tarp so that the sand wouldn’t sift through the weave of the fabric. I transferred the graphic using Doodle Magic.


Corn Meal Bag Graphics-


Lynn filled each bag with sand, then simply hot glued them closed just below the hem.

Here is the graphic, reversed, if you’d like to use it for transfers. You know, if you like non-corn corn meal graphics.


Miller Brothers Corn Meal Graphics-


And here is a revised version for those who would like a graphic that makes sense. Smile with tongue out


Flour Sack Graphics-


Stay tuned as we get our house ready to put on the market. Tomorrow, granite in the kitchen. Do you ever put off things you’d like to do to your home, then end up doing them just before selling? 😛



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  1. The bags are pretty! You know the saying your house never looks as good as the day you sell it. Sad but true!

  2. These are so cute! What a great idea!
    Good luck tomorrow. You’ll be kicking yourself you didn’t do this sooner so you could enjoy it too! We have always done the same thing too! 🙂

  3. LOL ~ well, they turned out great, wheat or corn, Sheila! : ) Yes, I remember doing all the work we should have done for ourselves just before we put our house on the market. Mainly painting of rooms, but I guess you just get so comfortable and used to things {or lazy, which I’m sure is 50% of it on my part!}.

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