Christmas Mantel Decor

Decorating for Christmas doesn’t need to be complicated or time consuming. For our Christmas mantel decor, I’m reusing the same garland I used last year, with a few minor changes and additions.


Christmas Mantel 2012, Christmas decor, music wrapped candles |


When putting the garland away after Christmas last year, I left all the purple and silver balls attached and carefully stuffed (surely that is an oxymoron) it in a box. Because I’m lazy efficient like that.

This year, I pulled it out, unfolded it, and plopped it back on the mantel. I added a trio of snowy white balls, and instead of the silver reindeer, I added a scrolly iron candle stand.

First, I tried adding large ornaments to the candle stand, but wasn’t completely satisfied.


Christmas mantel, purple and silver ornaments |


Hmm, maybe I should try candles- what a novel idea! Smile with tongue out

Because I’m somewhat addicted to the look, I wrapped plain white (i.e., cheap) candles with torn music pages.


Christmas mantel- music wrapped candles |


Just a touch more bling with small silver ornaments hanging below the candles.


Christmas mantel- scroll candle stand |


A quick and easy Christmas mantel, with only one casualty.


Christmas mantel casualty |


Well, maybe more than one….


Christmas decorating- the ugly side |


It only got worse from there. Can’t leave you with that image stuck in your head, so quick, scroll down!


Christmas Mantel greenery and candles |


Since I use the same purple and blue color scheme for Christmas that is in the rest of my decor, I don’t change out the artwork for Christmas. How about you? Do you change what’s hanging on your walls?





  1. Love the garland, Sheila! I think a great way to change it up from year to year is to add in ornaments in your current color scheme. I don’t change out whats hanging on my walls, especially over my fireplace. It’s too big a picture and I have no place to store it! Sometimes I wish I could, though, when I see some of those great Santa pictures over fireplaces.

  2. Looks lovely! I like the changes! Your candles are wonderful- love the music sheets! Your “reality” family room is great- it looks like mine!

  3. Oh so pretty, Christmas is a bit of a mess here, I let the kids do it so nothing fancy but they like it. I love you showed your mess xoxo

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