Canister Set with Painted Wood Lids

I have started working on projects for my booth at the December Woodstock Market. Yeah, I decided to raise my stress level again and give it another go. First up is this canister set with painted wood lids. The canisters started out with stained lids and base. I’ve apparently been really bad about taking before pictures lately, so insert imagination here.


Canisters with Painted Wood Lids |


My new favorite thing to use is Rust-oleum gray spray primer. When I paint over it with white, I can distress it just enough that the gray shows through, love that look. I used this medallion graphic from (where else?) Graphics Fairy.


Canister with painted wood lids- graphic |


Added a glaze and sprayed with a clear finish. I rediscovered Krylon Satin Finish, and it works great for these small projects. I used it years ago when I did decorative painting crafts- best part, it doesn’t yellow over time. They also sell a matte finish, but if you put on multiple coats, it can start to look milky.

TIP: Use satin finish for your first coat(s), then finish up with a coat of matte.


Canisters with Painted Wood Lids and Tray |


The “tray” doesn’t actually have a bottom- it just corrals the canisters. This makes it easier to clean underneath, if you’re so inclined. Smile


Painted lid canisters |


I really thought I had taken pictures of these canisters in all their 70’s glory, but they are nowhere to be found. To reclaim some of the nostalgia, just add fireballs, bubble gum cigars, and Zotz. Open-mouthed smile Remember those?




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  1. Well that is just a wonderful tip there! Thanks for sharing. They look adorable, and very vintagy.

  2. Those are so cool! I really need some neat canisters for our future pantry and I like the idea of stenciling.

  3. Linda Hayes says:

    These look great and would be perfect for rice and pasta to keep them for people to eat. I would love a smaller version for tossing in buttons and beading that comes with new clothes. It would be nice to be able to sort them by style or color.
    Nice job, Sheila, as always. 😀

  4. These are so cute! I just love the graphic on the lid! You chose a perfect one for this set! I love these! They’ll sell quickly!

  5. Really pretty Sheila!

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