Camper Living

Y’all know we were working hard to get the house in shape to put on the market. All that effort was worth it, because we had a contract on the house just six days after listing it. I’m feeling so blessed- tired, but blessed. Smile



We will be closing on the deal in a couple of weeks, so with major help from my sister Lynn, I went from purging and cleaning to frantically packing.

We haven’t found a new place yet, so we are going a somewhat unusual route. If you follow on facebook, you have already seen a little peek of our camper. Yep, we’ll be moving into it until we find the perfect home.


Camper living- our micro lite-


Richard has been living in it for a few weeks now. I stayed with him last week, and it wasn’t as stifling as I feared. The camper is tiny, but has everything we need.

Just inside the door is the kitchen.


Camper Living- kitchen-


The kitchen runs along this end of the camper. Sink, stove, refrigerator- all lined up. Oh, and a microwave above the stove. There is a surprising amount of storage in the kitchen area.


Camper Living- kitchen 2-


The pop out gives us just enough space for a love seat in front of the fridge.


Camper Living- love seat-


Opposite the only spot to sit is the bathroom. Correction, there IS one more place to sit….


Camper Living- bathroom-


Haven’t tried the shower yet. I’m extremely grateful there is a bath house at the campground. The water barely dribbles out of our sinks, so I have no desire to try taking a shower in here. Not sure if there is some sort of regulator on the camper for the water pressure? The water pressure seems fine at the hose.

The bed is in a cubby at the other end of the camper. This tight space has probably been the worst thing about camper living. I have always hated sleeping against a wall, so this is quite an adjustment for me.


Camper Living- the bedroom-


It will be a challenge to live here long term (hopefully it won’t be toooo long term). Organizing will be critical in keeping our sanity. We will need to maximize every square inch.

Of course, most of our stuff is going into storage.


On the move-


Could you live in an 18-ft camper? Got any small space storage suggestions?






  1. Hi, Wow! I can so relate. Years ago when my house was being built, the development went bankrupt and we were left with an unfinished house, 80 foot driveway (unfinished) with an 80′ ditch for the underground utilities. My then husband & I lived with 2 small girls in a 16 foot camper in the winter with barely any heat. Well, he took off and the rest is history. It all worked out in the end, long haul, but Thank you God.

    Your house is gorgeous and I’m going to try the feet on my cabinets. Love your blog! I always say I want to start one but never do.

    • I’m so glad everything worked out for you, Sandi. It was quite an adventure, and we aren’t completely finished with the new house yet, but at least we’re in it and can work on it as we go along. 🙂

  2. I was wondering how this was going! You are such a trouper :), can’t wait to hear all of the details on the move! Congrats on an offer SIX days into selling!

  3. Congrats on your quick sale! Having the camper gives you time to find the perfect house.

  4. Kudos to you! I know this will be hard to do, but what a great idea. Sure does beat paying rent on an apartment or house somewhere, not to mention the cost of moving your furniture twice. Saying a prayer that you quickly find the perfect home for you!

  5. The camper will certainly fit your needs until you find the perfect home!…and I am sure that you will be spending much time house hunting and less time in the camper…There is the house of your dreams just around the corner…in the meantime, it will be nice to spend time with your hubby in the close quarters!…Good luck Sheila…looking forward to hearing about the progress of your house hunting!

  6. I think a camper might be a hard ask for my lot, space wise. My parents go on 3-4 month trips in theirs every couple of years they love it. I do hope you find a nice home soon though, it will be awful hard to diy in the van 😛

  7. Congrats Sheila! WOW that was fast. So happy for your new journey. I think the camper is cute for now:) You could always spray paint it for a blog post. LOL!

  8. Congrats on selling your house so quickly! Camper living (temporarily!) sounds like a fun adventure….hope you enjoy it 🙂

  9. Oh wow is right. Great idea to do while house hunting. This is epic! I know another blogger who was doing this too.

  10. hi Sheila… I echo the take advantage and move around a bit while in your camper! If you can! ha Just reread that..i MEANT move around TRAVELING! HAHAHa Silly me.
    I know the stress of purging, we are doing inlaws house right now, I cant even describe the emotions we are going through. So…it is a good idea to purge now, while you can. Even my many military moves were not this stressful. My little piece of advice..for space, look up. Hang jewelry etc from the walls or ceiling, baskets for towels, washcloths hanging from the walls or ceiling. hey, we could probably take advice from you!

    btw..Did they like your cement countertop? I remember you saying what a bear it was to do…did you also say , never again..or was that me????hahaha

    • Bernice, you gave me a good chuckle. 😀
      There isn’t much area on the walls, but we definitely need to take advantage of that space.
      Cement counter top? I would be too skeeeered of tackling that. It must have been someone else. We put in granite, and I guess it went over well. Didn’t hear any comments one way or another.

      • Bernice says:

        Yep, must be someone else, have to go to hometalk and find out. maybe. I am so tired I wish I was living in a camper right now, and taking off. Into the sunset!! Inlaws have enough stuff for 5 households, it never ends. Now the oversized double garage is stuffed full from all the stuff in the house. And no estate sales will take it and sell it elsewhere. They live in high traffic corner o n a yard where you can pull in. So no estate sale here. All these things I am putting in my memory box for my time.
        Did you have a sale of household stuff?

  11. I think this is EXCITING! We have talked about doing just that once we are ready to retire from military life and buy (hopefully) our last home. Having been rushed to make decisions for so many years, I think that taking your time to find just the right space is wise. Plus, it is good not to have to worry about your “stuff” for a little while…enjoy your husband and take some time to go on a few adventures together :-D.

    • Good advice, Marsha. I told Richard we needed to think of it as vacation- well, a working vacation for him, but we can explore the area on the weekends. 🙂

  12. Congratulations! So happy you sold your house quickly, that’s awesome. Whatever the new circumstances, you will handle it well cause that is how you do it, right?
    We all need some excitement and change and it sounds as though you are getting a good share of it this year!
    Sorry we didn’t get to spend more time together……..:(

    Wishing you only the best, Susan

  13. So happy your home sold so quickly! We love our camper, but living in it for too long would be a challenge. Like this remodel (that seems to be taking forever!), just remember this is only for a short time! The stories you’ll be able to tell!!!

  14. Whooo-Hooooo-Congratulations on selling. I think that is an absolutely WONDERFUL idea to live in the camper until you find the perfect place to live! Can’t wait to hear more of your adventures. xo Diana

  15. Linda Hayes says:

    I am impressed. Nice set-up. If anybody can do it, you can because you are so good at making the complex simple.
    Congratulations on your home sale and will be praying you find a new nest ASAP.

  16. God bless you, Sheila! I don’t think I could do that. I’m with Betsy ~ I’ll be praying and keeping my fingers crossed that you find something soon so “long” term isn’t a phrase you will use! : )

  17. Wow, what an adventure! So glad your house sold quickly. Ours has been on the market for almost 4 months and nothing. My husband is living and working in another state during the week. Not an optimum situation…..we can’t buy/move until our house sells. Just trying to have faith. Good luck on finding a new house soon! xoKathleen

  18. I love it! You can clean this in a jiffy! We love camping, but I know it can wear on your nerves in confined quarters! Sending a big prayer your way for a special house to become your home!

  19. WoW!!! How about we just refer to this as adventure living! I will say an extra pray that you find the perfect house as soon as possible!

    • That’s a great way to think about it, Tamyra- it is definitely an adventure! Thank you for praying. The housing inventory is very low, so I haven’t found even a possibility yet.

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