DIY Chalkboard Gift Tags

Hey, guys, how are your Christmas plans coming along? I’m starting to feel a little panicky about gift buying this year. I just started this week! But you know what? A little whisper inside reminds me that Someone already gave it all, and nothing I do will make the season any more glorious. Just breathe, relax, celebrate, worship. Ahhhhhh.

On the subject of gift giving, I have a confession to make. I am a terrrrrrible gift wrapper. If the package looks nice and isn’t in a gift bag, Richard probably wrapped it. Engineers make great gift wrappers.


DIY Gift Tags made from window shutter slats-


I do like to embellish the packages, though. A little ribbon, a burlap rose, a diy chalkboard gift tag. I used my miter saw to cut the gift tags from slats I had salvaged from an old shutter. Unlike the engineer, I just eyeballed the angles, so no two are alike. Unique- that’s a good thing, right?


DIY Chalkboard Gift Tags-


I spray painted one side off-white, and the other side with chalkboard paint. I had planned to transfer a graphic to the creamy side, but haven’t gotten there yet. Maybe I will, or maybe I’ll just breeeeathe. Smile

Don’t forget to season the chalkboard before writing on it. Simply turn a piece of chalk on its side and rub over the entire surface of the chalkboard, then wipe away the excess. This will keep the writing from making a permanent mark on your tag.


DIY Chalkboard Gift Tags from Shutters-


These chalkboard gift tags could be used as place cards, too. Just tuck them inside the jute webbing silverware holders. You have stapled those together already, right?  Smile  What special tricks do you use to personalize your packages?




  1. Oh they’re cute, I’m terrible with gift tags I may just scribble a name on with pen shhh I don’t want to be evicted from blogland ;)
    Mel recently posted..The Ghosts Of Christmas Past

  2. So cute, Sheila! I adore the red rose on top of your gift too! Your gift is very pretty! Who said you can’t wrap a package?
    Betsy(@coastal-colors) recently posted..Christmas Tour

  3. The tags make for a pretty finish to the packages, Sheila.
    Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions recently posted..A Shady Switch

  4. This is such a clever idea! Reusable AND cute! :)
    Sonya@Beyond the Screen Door recently posted..A 1928 Christmas Home Tour

  5. I love these, Sheila! I love that they’re reusable, and how they add a rustic touch to the presents! So lovely!
    Tara @ Suburble recently posted..Little bits of lovely from Inglenuk…

  6. Lovely package…I’m using red striped ribbon too this year, that is if I ever get anything wrapped! Merry Christmas to you and your family!
    Ann recently posted..10 Christmas Vignette Ideas

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