How to Make Chicken Wire Christmas Trees

Hello, friends. I hope you had a nice relaxing weekend. We ran a few errands and I worked on figuring out how to make chicken wire Christmas trees. Yeah, I know, my mind goes in strange directions. But it turned out pretty cute, don’t you think? And I already had the supplies on hand to make it. Yeah!


Chicken wire Christmas tree- galvanized tub-



  • Chicken wire
  • Tin snips
  • Needle nose pliers
  • Paper for making a pattern (optional)
  • Base for tree


Chicken wire is not the friendliest medium to work with- it likes to bite. So, I wanted to minimize my interaction with it. Rather than twisting and rolling and eyeballing it, I googled how to make a cone pattern, did the math for the diameter of base I wanted, and created a pattern. If you don’t need a particular diameter base, you can cut whatever size pie wedge looks good to you.


Chicken wire Christmas tree pattern-


I laid the pattern over the chicken wire and snipped along the edges with the tin snips.

TIP: Use one straight edge of the chicken wire for one of the straight edges on the pattern. This will give you a nice smooth, non-prickly edge on which to attach the other side.

Roll the wire into a cone shape, make sure the bottom edge is level, then use the needle nose pliers to wrap the wires around each other. You can see here how much easier it is to have that straight edge along one side. (I stuffed the paper pattern inside to make it easier for you to see the wire.)


Wrap wires together into cone shape-


Here is the first one I made with a pattern, along with a mini tree that I just eyeballed from a leftover scrap of chicken wire. I haven’t decided on a base for them yet.


Chicken wire Christmas tree forms-


I had to use a pattern for the last one in order to get just the right size base to fit inside this galvanized tub.

I stuffed some crumpled paper in the bottom of the tub to raise the height of the tree a bit and topped it with a white napkin.  The “give” of the paper also allowed me to adjust the tree to level it. Florist foam would probably work better, but I didn’t want to buy anything for this little project. Miniature “presents” decorate the inside of the tree form. Confession: I wrapped a sanding sponge and a few wood scraps for the presents. Shh, don’t tell anyone. Winking smile


Christmas packages under Chicken wire tree-


Plum and silver ornaments hang on the chicken wire and help to define the shape. A ribbon and bow around the galvanized tub continues the mix of rustic and shiny.


Poultry wire tree in galvanized tub-


I still need to figure out a tree topper for it. Any suggestions? I’m thinking this would make a fun Christmas card display, too. Or use it for a Christmas dessert cover? A money tree would be a welcome gift for anyone.  Any other ideas?




  1. Oh yes, I could see this as a Christmas card display, Sheila! It would be so easy to clip them onto the chicken wire.
    Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions recently posted..Featured At How I Found My Style Sunday

  2. Only you would have a purple chicken wire tree! :) It’s so cute! What a great idea. I love the idea of a card display! This is very clever!
    Betsy(@coastal-colors) recently posted..Christmas On The Screened Porch

  3. Kathy Phillips says:

    Needs a star on top! So cute!

  4. ooh a little candy cane advent would be nice too :) Of course I always see kids stuff in things :P
    Mel recently posted..Star Wars Cookie Jar, Or I’m About to Out My Dad

  5. Love it Sheila!…You are so creative…and love how you placed the mini gifts inside the tree!…this tree made larger would be great outside too!…Happy Thanksgiving!
    Shirley@housepitalitydesigns recently posted..Woodland Winter Vignette of White and Green

  6. Oh my gosh Sheila! I love your chicken wire tree! I made one this year but it is totally different from yours. I spray painted my chicken wire green, and if you make another one, try spray painting it before you form it. Pinning and sharing!
    Jane @ Cottage at the Crossroads recently posted..DIY Peppermint Twist Pillow

  7. I am making fabric Christmas trees this yr. I found the patterns by accident hunting in the thrift store for Christmas fabric. They are the fabric kits you cut out ,sew, and stuff 6 pieces for one tree $1.99 each set and I bought both.

    Then I had fabric left over from another thrift find and tree (larger and had a pattern with Christmas items to sew) So I took the fabric it was white with green holly branches and made 3 and used the green from the kit (3) and made my tree. Then I found I needed more fabric for the larger tree so I bought some fabric on sale. After Thanksgiving I plan on sewing my trees. So I have 2 to sew. I went to the craft store and on sale was the mini ornaments I will sew on each fabric branch. I will have to think about making a wire tree one of these times. Thanks

  8. Great idea, this would look SO cute in our house! Thanks for the inspiration!
    Kelley recently posted..Happy Thanksgiving from Eat Drink Eat

  9. I’ve been all set to make this .. I have the chicken wire. I love what you did. It’s so pretty!! Best wishes, Linda


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