A Ten Minute {or less} Gift Idea- Lavender Sachets

Hey, whatcha’ been up to? I spent the day at a wholesale floral shop- wow, talk about Christmas explosion! I was so overwhelmed that I bought a scarf for myself. Yeah, when I get overwhelmed, I go into denial mode. Christmas decorations? What Christmas decorations?

So, anyway, after a day of overwhelmedness (why doesn’t spell check like that word?), I needed a simple project to share with you. How about a quick and easy gift idea- lavender sachets that you can make in ten minutes or less.


Quick Gift Idea- Lavender Sachets- PlumDoodles.com


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Supplies Needed

Dried lavender

Drawstring bags

Graphic printed on laser printer or copier, image reversed {I used the grain sack graphic from Graphics Fairy and added the word “Lavender.”}

Doodle Magic

Cotton ball, tape, cardboard, craft stick


Lavender Sachet supplies- PlumDoodles.com


Protect your work surface- Doodle Magic may remove or soften paint and varnishes. Insert a small piece of cardboard in the bag so that your transfer medium doesn’t bleed through to the back. Following the directions on my Doodle Magic info page, lay the graphic face down on the bag and tape in place. Dip cotton ball into the DM jar and squeeze out excess. Rub lightly over the image, then burnish with the craft stick. Peek to see if image has transferred adequately; repeat if desired.


Lavender Sachet Graphic Transfer- PlumDoodles.com


Note: If your graphic is light, the transfer will be even lighter, because not all the toner will transfer to the bag. It takes a little experimenting to figure out what images will work best. Also, use fresh toner copies- they don’t seem to transfer as well after sitting for a week or more. You would usually need to heat set transfers on fabric, but these sachets won’t be washed, so no need to.

Alternatively, you could use your favorite rubber stamp or stencils, or embellish with buttons and bling.

Ok, time to fill the bags with the oh-so-yummy-smelling lavender. Many fragrances give me headaches, but lavender does not, and is one of my favorites.


Lavender and Sachet Bags- 10 Minute Gift Idea- PlumDoodles.com


Pull those handy drawstrings tight and tie, and you’re done!


Lavender Sachets- Ten Minute Gift Idea- PlumDoodles.com


These would be great in a gift basket or as a fun embellishment on a package. What is your favorite fragrance?




  1. LOVE lavendar…this is a great idea!

  2. Sheila, this is the cutest idea! I love lavender! Thanks for sharing a great idea! Magic Doodle is amazing!
    Betsy(@coastal-colors) recently posted..You Can’t Beat Free- Table Update At The Beach

  3. Love these, Sheila! Did you get the lavender buds from the floral place?
    Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions recently posted..Sewing Up A Storm & Christmas Items Listed

  4. Linda Hayes says:

    Hi Sheila!

    I love these sweet little bags. I’m going to tell you what I do with the Lavender Sachet bags you made for me.

    Put a few together in a lingerie drier bag, sprinkle with natural Lavender oil from health food store, and add them to the dryer with my freshly washed clothes. The sheets, lingerie or linens comes out of the dryer smelling like a spring meadow. There are no added chemicals and going so sleep on those sheets makes sweet dreams.
    I re-use the same bags with a few fresh drops of Lavender Oil.

    They also make great add- ons (next to the tied ribbon) to wrapped gifts for birthdays or Christmas.

    • Ooh, I love the idea of putting them in the dryer. I can’t use drier sheets because of allergies, so I will give this a try! I think I’d better tie those knots super tight. :)

  5. Linda Hayes says:

    Ooops ….there are typos in that post, but you get the idea.

  6. I love your lavender bags Sheila. I bet they smell fantastic. I pinned your project.
    Dee recently posted..Gluten Free

  7. LOVE LOVE LOOOOOOOOOVE THESE! So lovely and I bet they smell heavenly! <3 I will be making these for SURE!
    Evey recently posted..Don’t Be a Smug Cook–Part 2

  8. Oh they’re so pretty I love lavender it’s just timeless
    Mel recently posted..Freaking Awesome Fridays #12 plus Features

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