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Wine Cork Christmas Tree Ornament

I made several of these wine cork Christmas tree ornaments to sell in my booth when we lived in Georgia, but I never got around to sharing them with you. You have probably seen these around, but I did add one little twist. … [Read More...]


Gift Ideas For the DIYers on Your List

Have you started your Christmas shopping yet? I know some people who do their Christmas shopping throughout the year (smart!), but sadly I am not one of those. Today, I want to offer you a little help with gift ideas for the DIYers on your list. I … [Read More...]


Incredibly Easy Hand Painted Towels

This is such a no-talent-needed project, I am almost embarrassed to show you how to create these incredibly easy hand painted towels. But, just in case you never thought of this, here goes…. … [Read More...]


5 Minute Project- DIY Flower Frog

Today, I thought I would share with you a trick for creating a quick floral arrangement in a bowl. Using a diy flower frog makes it a five minute project. … [Read More...]


Our New Home Tour- Master Bath

Hey, guys. We’re almost to the end of the new home tour. Next stop is the master bath. As with the other rooms, there are still a few things I need to do, but y’all keep asking, so I’m showing you the new house in all its unfinished glory. … [Read More...]


Our New Home Tour- Master Bedroom

Hey, friends, ready to continue our new home tour? Let’s take a peek at the master bedroom. The layout is a bit different from our last home, but the furniture and most of the décor has remained the same. … [Read More...]


Best Ever Chicken Salad

Yeah, I know it’s fall- not the appropriate time for light, refreshing, best ever chicken salad. I can’t help myself. I’m no respecter of seasonal foodstuff. I eat chili in the summertime and chicken salad in the fall. Or any time of year. This week, … [Read More...]

spiders and the devil graphic

Spiders and the Devil

Spiders. I don’t like ‘em. Hairy bodies and way too many legs. Unfortunately, living on wooded property means lots of spiders. Take this guy, for instance. … [Read More...]

My-Home-Style at Plum

My Style at Plum Doodles

Hey, hey! Today, I’m joining a group of bloggers for a big ol’ blog hop. What’s that, you say? Well, we’re each talking about our decorating style, which gives you a chance to discover other bloggers and their styles. When you finish here, simply hop … [Read More...]


Updating the Baker’s Rack/ Sideboard

Did you notice anything different about our furniture in the dining room tour? Yeah, the baker’s rack is no longer a baker’s rack. Just a couple of updates gave us a whole new look- we now have a sideboard! The first, most obvious change was to … [Read More...]

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