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One Pot Cooking- Hamburger Soup

Hello, friends, how are y’all doing? We are getting sooo close to starting on our house. The grader is supposed to start on the driveway today- woo-hooooo! Meanwhile, back at the campground…. Space is so limited in our camper that most cooking is … [Read More...]


Update on Camper Living and Home Building

Hey, guys, I want to share a little update on our camper living and home building plans. We are still living in our camper, and getting the seemingly endless details worked out for home building. … [Read More...]


Praying for Patience

I admit, I am not the most patient person on the planet. That just may be the biggest understatement of my life. One of the fruits of the Spirit is patience, and I’m still a work in progress. … [Read More...]


Camper Living- Decorating with Decals

  As I have mentioned before, adjusting to the tight spaces of camper living has been a bit of a challenge. The itch to decorate has left me scratching my head {ha, get it…?} about just what I can do in such a tiny … [Read More...]

Jesus Calling Devotional

Favorite Devotional- Jesus Calling

  Yep, we're still living in the camper, looking for our next house! It has been challenging and frustrating at times, but we are so blessed to have the time and freedom and opportunity to buy a home. We have seen a few possibilities, but … [Read More...]


Camper Living- Step One of the Plan

I mentioned last time that we want to become debt free. We won’t likely be able to find a house and pay cash, but we’re hoping to find a bargain that will allow us to pay it off quickly. Camper living is step one of that plan. Well, I suppose selling … [Read More...]


Unexpected Consequences of Camper Living

Hey, guys! How are ya? As  you can guess from the title, we are still in our teeny tiny camper. Some of you have been asking how we’re adjusting to life in the camper, so I thought I would pop in and give you a little update. I have discovered some … [Read More...]


Camper Living

Y’all know we were working hard to get the house in shape to put on the market. All that effort was worth it, because we had a contract on the house just six days after listing it. I’m feeling so blessed- tired, but blessed.   … [Read More...]


Window Box Message Center

I forgot to take “before” pictures again. This window box message center was a window box message center in its previous life, too. … [Read More...]


DIY Round Chair Cushions Made Simple

The front entry should not only be welcoming, but also relate to the inside of the house. I wanted to add a little color to our bistro set, and what better way than diy round chair cushions made simple. … [Read More...]