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Our French Country Cottage Kitchen

Hey, hey! I’m finally getting around to show you our French country cottage kitchen. Well, that’s the style I’m working toward, anyway. I think I have a good start on it…. … [Read More...]


DIY Spice Jar Labels

I know, I know, still no pictures of the whole house. One reason for the holdup is that I’m doing little organization projects as I unpack. As a result, much of the house is still a disaster. Will it ever end?! … [Read More...]


Styling the Fireplace Mantel

We still have boxes stacked in every room, but the piles have now dwindled down enough that I can crop out the mess.   I could hardly wait to start styling the fireplace mantel after I painted it last week. … [Read More...]


How to Finish Mantel to Coordinate with Stone Fireplace

One of the many decisions we had to make when building our house was to choose a fireplace surround and mantel. We decided to do stone all the way to the ceiling with a chunky slab of wood for the mantel. The guy who made the mantel typically just … [Read More...]


Nanny Talk- Saying Goodbye

The Nanny Talk series didn’t get very far before I let busy-ness distract me. The last few months, though, have reminded me of the important. People. Faith. God’s plans and purposes.     Nanny flew into the arms of Jesus a few … [Read More...]


How to Customize Stencil Designs + a Giveaway!

We haven’t even moved into the house yet, but I couldn't wait to work on my first project.  If you don’t count all the hours picking out fixtures, doors, brick, siding…. … [Read More...]


Building Home- The Progression

We are getting so close to the end of our building home adventure! I have whined about many of the frustrations and disappointments, and tried desperately to remember that all of this doesn’t really matter in the eternal scheme of things. Or maybe it … [Read More...]

My Daisy Petal Faith-

Daisy Petal Faith

Life has been such a whirlwind of emotions lately. Ups and downs; stress and peace; joy and depression. Letting circumstances rather than the truth of God’s Word determine my security. What does that say about my belief in God’s love for me? … [Read More...]


Building Home- Floor Plan and Budget Compromises

I realized that I jumped ahead a bit last time with my light fixture dilemma. I have spent entirely too much time whining about our driveway, and haven’t even shown you our final floor plan or how far along we are in the building process. … [Read More...]


Building Home: How to Save on Lighting

I’m finding that the hardest design decision to make in our building home adventure is the lighting. Our budget is pretty small, so I have worked out how to save on lighting by going super cheap in the closets and bedrooms, and using lots of recessed … [Read More...]